10 Reasons to Use Lightroom

Better image management, light processing requirements, easier conversions, you name it, Lightroom has it. Here are 10 reasons why you need to switch over to Lightroom.

Lightroom is gaining wide popularity among photographers and photo editors, owing to its simplicity, power-packed features and easy-to-use interface. If your studio is still using Adobe Photoshop, its time to move over to Lightroom services. Here are ten reasons why you must consider using Lightroom.

  1. Lightroom is especially built for photographers
    It is a fact that Photoshop has everything you need, but it also has a host of features that you do not need, like video tools, vector graphics or 3D rendering. Such extra features that you may not utilize will take up more disk space. (Almost 1GB of Photoshop, when compared with 100MB for Lightroom.
  2. Lightroom has lighter processing requirements
    Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom has no trouble running on a lower end machine or laptop. Although it will run better on a faster machine, equipped with more memory, users with a laptop will have no trouble using it.
  3. Outstanding image management
    With the Lightroom’s import feature, you can quickly make duplicate copies of your images, one for your catalog and one as a backup in different formats like RAW or DNG. It is very easy to apply metadata and keywords to your images while importing. You can also very easily apply processing presets.
  4. Efficient organizing and searching
    Since the Lightroom catalog is a database file, it is very easy to find a specific image, either by the keyword or with the metadata like ISO, camera type etc. With Lightroom, photographers can effortlessly create a collection and group similar images together. The Smart Collection feature in Lightroom will add images automatically to the collection based on specific criteria like keywords for instance.
  5. Easy to learn and use
    The Lightroom package is organized into modules – like Print, Web, Develop, Slideshow and Library. You will only be able to see the features that are critical for a particular module. This makes Lightroom very easy to learn and quicker in performance.
  6. Exceptional conversions
    The Lightroom app offers the same raw processing routines as Adobe Camera Raw. This means that most digital cameras are supported, with the conversion options having gone through several improvement cycles.
  7. Non-destructive workflow
    No type of edit in Lightroom will render permanent modifications to the original image. No matter, the type of file, DNG, PSD, RAW, TIFF or JPG, the editing in Lightroom will be non-destructive. Any changes are stored as external XMP file or as a Lightroom catalog file. At any point of time, you can easily go back and modify the adjustments, which have been made.
  8. Enhanced copy paste settings
    In Lightroom, when you make a set of changes to one image, you can quickly apply a few adjustments to any number of images stored in your catalog. All you have to do is click on copy from the History panel and choose the adjustments that you want to apply. Next, you will have to choose the image and paste it. You can also do the same with ratings and keywords.
  9. Unique slideshow display
    If you own a studio, its always nice to allow your users to see images in a full screen slideshow. In Lightroom, you can create a show that will play your images back with several options like text labels, backdrops, watermarks, various fonts, music etc.
  10. Make virtual copies
    Rather than duplicating a file to create a different version, like a color or black and white image, Lightroom will use virtual copies, which is a list of adjustment instructions and thumbnail images meant to minimize the disk space. Lightroom will only take up a few KBs for each virtual file.

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Did you like reading this post? Which do you prefer, Lightroom or Photoshop? Let us know your thoughts and queries, by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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