10 Tips To Create a Killer Website With Your Customers in Mind

Did you know that if you don’t put the needs of your visitors first, your website will not be effective? The best websites in the online world are the ones that are customer-centric and who provide information in an organized and interesting fashion. Your website should also make it easy for customers to complete whatever action they have in mind, whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product or contact you for more information.  Here are 10 tried and tested tips that you can use to create killer web content and make your website successful:

  1. Use a clear navigation: Visitors have limited patience and do not want to guess where to go. Neither do they want to analyze how your site works. Make it easy for your customers, by organizing your pages into logical categories. Include standard terms on your menu.
  2. Employ conversational English: Write out copy that speaks directly to the customer in a friendly and informal tone, rather than corporate-talk. Use the second person like “you” and “we” whenever possible.
  3. Avoid the use of industry jargon: Do not use phrases or words that your customers will not recognize. It is best to use familiar terminology.
  4. Provide relevant information: People generally come to a site, looking for answers. If your site does not provide the facts, they will simply move on the next website in the search results. Research has proven that information-rich websites are the most effective in converting visitors into buyers.
  5. Skip the hype: Visitors expect transparency and honesty from you. So make sure to place all your cards on the table and allow your visitors to come up with their own conclusions.
  6. Turn your home page into a to-the point summary: Your home page should describe how a customer can benefit from your content, services or products in a nutshell. Otherwise your visitors will click on the back button.
  7. Develop landing pages: Since landing pages convert at a higher rate than home pages, come up with landing pages that address specific subjects. If your customer is looking for a particular product, he/she should land on a page that is dedicated to the subject.
  8. Use images to tell your story: Stock photos are great, but visitors want to know the real you. When it comes to products, use real photos, as visitors want to see what they are buying and from who they are buying from.
  9. Put in contact details: Include contact information in several places, so it is easy to find. In fact, your contact details, should only be a click away, so that it is not too hard for a visitor to reach you.
  10. Keep updating your website: If your visitors notice that your content is not current and up-to-date, then your site will lose its credibility. Continuously update your site, keeping adding to it and remove obsolete information.

In today’s world of information-saturation, your visitors are more likely to be impatient. If they cannot find what they want, they will move on. All they want is the “the facts”. To be truly effective, your website should deliver value. Put the needs of your visitor first, as you create content and watch your conversion rate soar.

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