10 tips on how to make your offshore project a success

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your offshore project turns into a success:

1. Although outsourcing a particular business process will definitely speed up the turnaround time, you may have to provide your outsourcing vendor with more time when it comes to testing. You will have to be a little patient with your offshore vendor, especially if this is the first project that you have outsourced.

2. Keep in mind the time zone difference between you and your outsourcing partner. At times, minor problems could take days to fix, simply because of the difference in time. Ask your outsourcing vendor to keep you informed immediately even if the problem is a simple one. You and your offshore vendor will have to fix up a time when you both can communicate.

3. Good communication is the key to the success of any relationship. The same holds good when it comes to outsourcing.  Keep in mind that your offshore vendor might not be as well versed in the English language as you are.  When you communicate to your offshore vendor, use simple English and stick to the facts.

4. Make use of technology such as VOIP when communicating with your offshore vendor. VOIP can provide you with a better line quality and therefore a better meeting. There will be several cultural differences between you and your outsourcing partner.  Understanding the cultural differences that exit between you and your outsourcing partner can go a long way in ensuring the success of your offshore project.

5. If you are going to outsource a project, you must be willing to set aside some time when you and your offshore partner can review the progress of the project from time to time. If you are not able to find time to review the work, you will have to assign one of your employees who would be fully involved in the project.

6. The quality of developers is improving all the time. But remember the old Dennis Miller quote: “All-you-can-eat shit is still shit”. Do not be afraid to request CVs from the developers who work on your projects. It’s your money, after all.

7. Quality work is important if you want your project to be a success. Ask your offshore vendor about the quality assurance processes that are followed and the CVs of your vendor’s employees, if necessary.

8. Be prepared to stretch your timeline. Testing might take time and there might be delays in the actual delivery of the work. If is the first project that you have outsourced there might be some unforeseen delays in the work as your offshore vendor has to work according to your rulebook.

9. From the onset of the project, keep a track of everything. Make notes as and when required. The point being you must not lose track of the work that you have outsourced.

10. Get involved with the project that you have outsourced. Ask your offshore vendor to provide you with regular presentations / demos / screenshots about the status of your work. Share your thoughts about the project with your offshore vendor.

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