11 Sure Signs That Show Your Business Requires Transcription Services

Does your business need transcription? Read this blog post to find out 11 signs that show you that your business does require transcription.

If you own a business and want to stay competitive, then what you need are transcription services. Why? Because business transcription can help your business in multiple ways and increase your ROI like never before. If you are still not convinced, look for the signs that tell you that your business requires transcription services.

Here are eleven signs that show you that your business needs transcription services.

  1. You often give speeches and talks at several business conferences

    Speeches or talks presented at conferences can expose your business to a wider customer base. This is why it is so important to document these thoughts and post them on your business website. Once a speech/talk is transcribed, you can also use them for your internal trainings or as content for books/online publications.

  2. You frequently organize seminars/webinars along with presentations and trainings for prospects and clients

    Seminars, webinars, presentations and trainings contain educative information and thoughts. This information can be effectively captured and documented using business transcription services. Once the information is transcribed, you can use it in your marketing campaigns to educate customers and prospects.

  3. Your business website has several videos, but little to no articles

    If this is your current situation, all you need to do is avail business transcription services and get your videos converted into blog entries or informative articles. By investing in business transcription, you will be able to avail regular content for your marketing campaigns or website. Publishing new content on your business blog and your website can take care of your SEO requirements and bring in better online visibility for your business.

  4. You care about your business and brand

    If you care about your business and brand image, then outsourcing transcription is an absolute must. While anyone can type and transcribe, it requires professionals to transcribe with consistency and accuracy. Consistency in style and accuracy in the content, while keeping a business tone is important for your business image. You can avail this only through professional transcription services.

  5. You prefer dictating reports/letter/emails to typing

    As a busy professional, you may prefer dictating over typing. Dictating into a good dictation recorder is a good way to save on time. This is where transcription can help you. Once you are done with the dictation, you can simply send out the recordings and get your transcripts back via e-mail. With the transcripts in hand, you just have to copy and paste your content into an email, report or letter. It’s that easy.

  6. You make several conference calls and telephone interviews

    If you are a person who makes several calls likes conference calls, Skype calls, earnings calls, calls with business partners or telephonic interviews, then transcription can help you. It is indeed a good practice to capture business calls, as a transcript can act as a reminder, for a reference or for taking business decisions. This is because it is not possible to remember all the points you talked about with someone during a call. Reading through a transcript of a telephone call can enable you to easily recall all your discussions.

  7. Your team uses telephone calls for customer research and retention

    Does your team telephone calls to understand more about your customers? Do they ask questions about products/services or what they would like to see improve? Transcripts of such business calls can help your marketing as well as product development team. It will also help you to shape your business strategy, by keeping in mind the needs of your customers.

  8. You conduct regular board meetings

    Another area where business transcription can be of use is a business meeting. Audio recordings of critical shareholder or board meetings can be captured and then transcribed. Transcripts of the meeting minutes can help you capture the agenda and action plan of the meetings. Meeting minutes transcription can enhance your business decision-making through shared information that is transparent.

  9. Business bloggers or media professionals often interview you/ your team

    If you or your management team are often interviewed by bloggers or journalists, it is important to get these interviews transcribed and posted on your website or internal publications. It will not only increase brand awareness, but also highlight the leadership moments of your team.

  10. Your personal assistant/internal team is overburdened

    While it is good idea to keep your team busy, it is not wise to overburden them with transcription as well. This could lead to a burnout of your team members, low-quality work and errors in judgment. On the other-hand it may not be a wise decision to employ a full-time in-house business transcriptionist as well. Outsourcing business transcription can take this burden away from your team, while also helping you to reduce on the cost of hiring a full-time transcriptionist.

  11. Your internal team/personal assistant is not skilled in transcription

    This is obvious, as not everyone can be an expert at transcription. Getting someone who is not skilled in transcription to transcribe your business material can reflect poorly on your brand. Outsourcing business transcription on can give you access to accurate, quick and professionally transcribed services.

Are you seeing these signs in your business? If yes, what you need is business transcription. At Outsource2india, we offer a wide array of business transcription to suit your every need. You can consult with us for free. Our team will take a look at your business, understand how your business works and inform you if investing in business transcription services can help. As our partner, you can be sure of accurate transcripts with a consistent style. We work on a 24/7 basis and can provide you with round-the-clock transcripts. With our business transcription services, you will be able to take the right decision for our team, partners and customers. Find out more about our business transcription services.

Did you like reading this post? Did you find it useful? Are you facing some of the above scenarios in your business? Let us know your feedback by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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