The hidden cost benefits of outsourcing!

The ability of outsourcing to drastically reduce costs is seen as the main reason for its success, but while taking a decision to outsource, many people are only aware of surface cost reductions, like lower labor rates.
If you look a little closer, you’ll see that outsourcing presents many more opportunites for cost cutting.

You get the benefits of additional staff without having to provide office space or equipment.

You dont need to worry about travel, relocation, temporary housing expenses, insurance, vacancies or sick leave expenses.

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India to see boom in design outsourcing

Italian or French designs are passe. Retailers today are heavily dependent on Indian designs, to cater to the ever changing fashion clothing requirements. Indian designs are capable of attracting large number of footfalls in western or European markets even during off-seasons, they believe.

India is emerging as the most preferred outfit designer for the rest of the world. So next time when you shop at Garden City Fashions, Ecko Unlimited, Polo or Urban Outfitters, chances are that most of what you pick up would carry “made in India” tags.

Clothing Manufacturers Association of India director, M K Panthaki said: “Overseas retailers are increasingly anxious to see what’s coming from India designers. They love to fill their stores with Indian designs to make sure the sales are good. Earlier, India was seen only as a cost-effective tailor, but now its style, cuts, patterns and designs are becoming a rage in the global markets. The whole world has started looking at us as an ideal destination for apparent design outsourcing.

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US Law Firms look at outsourcing to India

Remember the incriminating email correspondence among the top brass of Enron that finally did them in. In future it could be Indian law firms assisting US plaintiffs trawl electronic databases for evidence.

US law firms are looking at outsourcing electronic discovery to India. Kelley Drye & Warren LLP – a 165-year old US law firm with a client list that includes leading multinationals – is looking at outsourcing electronic searches to partners in India.

Speaking to Economic Times India, Mr. John Callagy, chairman, Kelley Drye said that the firm is waiting for a case that requires electronic discovery, where they can try out outsourcing to the firm’s Indian partner. The firm has a correspondent relationship with a Mumbai-based solicitors firm.

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