India: The Center for Offshore Software Outsourcing

More organizations and companies are looking at India as a viable center for offshore software outsourcing. In the current phase of the thriving global trend of IT outsourcing, India has been experiencing a tremendous growth. India has become a preferred center for offshore business, because India offers high quality IT development services at low operating costs. India has shown tremendous success in providing overseas IT services over the past decade. The inflow of Foreign Revenue to India is on the rise every year, owing to the great demand for software outsourcing.

Offshore software outsourcing has proven to be an exceptional solution for companies who are looking at a combination of high quality of development work at lower costs. This trend has increased the global demand for Indian vendors as India offers both high quality and low costs. Since the software industry is a highly competitive market, companies are interested in cutting costs and at the same time availing high quality services. This has brought forth a fast growth in the IT industry in India. This has also been advantageous for India, as the status of the global IT industry and the financial scenario of India has changed for the better.

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