The Five Phases of Outsourcing

Phase One

Start by identifying the pain points in your organizations. Pain points can be a list of reasons why your organization is facing a certain amount of damage. Your competitors reducing their prices, rising operating costs or your investors demanding an increase in profits can all be pain points. Meet with your managers and identify the pain points in your organization.

These pain points can help you decide on how to reduce your costs, improve the focus on your business or gain a bigger market share. By finding out about the problems that you are facing you can consider about working on it internally or finding an outsourcing partner who is a specialist in the service that you wish to outsource.

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The A To Z Of Outsourcing

Approach an outsourcing vendor who has prior experience in providing services to global organizations

Base your search for the perfect outsourcing vendor on references from other organizations who have outsourced services that you wish to outsource

Communication is critical to a good outsourcing relationship. Make sure that your outsourcing partner is fluent in the English language before you decide to outsource

Decide which your services would be more beneficial to outsource and which service would be more profitable to perform in-house

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Outsource Data Entry

Many organizations have to deal with large amounts of data on a daily basis. Entering, compiling, deleting and organizing data can be a humongous task. Apart from requiring expert data entry operators, you will also have to spend a large amount of your time in handling data entry work. If your organization is facing a similar situation why not outsource your data entry services to an offshore provider.

The following are the top 10 reasons why you must consider outsourcing data entry work to an offshore provider:

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The different types of data entry that can be outsourced to India

Have you always been a little confused about the different types of data entry work that can be outsourced? Do you want to outsource a particular type of data entry to India, but you are worried whether outsourcing providers in India can actually provide it? There are different types of data entry that Indian outsourcing providers are capable of offering.

The following is a list of the different types of data entry that can be outsourced to India:

1. Data entry: Data entry in general can be defined as entering any kind of information, be it names, addresses or numbers into a data storage and retrieval system. The data is usually entered through scanning, manual keying or electronic data transfer.
2. Online data entry: In the process of online data entry, the internet is used. The data entry operators would go online and then enter data into an online system. Indian outsourcing providers specialize in a wide range of online data entry services, such as, online data entry services, online data entry of catalogs, online image data entry services, online data entry of databases, online data entry of e-books etc.

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