Improve Customer Relationships with Email & Chat Support Services

You already have a website that is bringing in several inquiries through email, but you find your business account piling up day after day with no time left to reply to your customers. You know that a live chat service on your website can covert visitors into customers, but you lack the resources and expertise to set up a 24/7 chat support function.

With most of your personnel handling core business functions, you are not able to provide your valuable customers with a live chat feature or prompt email replies. Slow replies to emails, ignored emails or chat services that do not function 24/7 can all make a dent in the growth of your business. This can also result in old customers losing their confidence in your brand and new visitors not getting converted into customers.

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India is your Best Bet for 3D Product Animation Services

Are you a manufacturing agency, a designer or a mechanical product based firm looking for high quality, cost-effective product animation services? Instead of spending a huge amount of money on developing a scaled model or a prototype, you can consider outsourcing 3D product animation services to India. Apart from saving on cost, 3D product animation can be easily corrected and modified, unlike a prototype which will have to be completely re-worked.

Outsourcing 3D product animation is important if animation is not your core capability or if you want to save on the effort and cost that goes into transforming an idea into a flawless animation. Outsourcing will give you access to professional 3D product designs that can help you present your ideas smartly rather than you having to use less effective drawings and representations to promote your product.

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Cloudsourcing – The Latest Trend in Outsourcing

Your organization has already been leveraging outsourcing to cut back on costs, reduce risks, enhance quality and increase speed to market, but in 2011, you are looking for something more. You want to outsource more complex business processes rather than the regular back-office tasks. At the same time, you also want to see an increase in innovation, focus on core functions, make the most of opportunities and get ahead of competition.

Is your company not satisfied with just the cost or capacity advantages that outsourcing offers? Are you looking for significant value? If your answer is yes to the above questions, that what you require is an outsourcing model known as “Cloudsourcing” – the next stage in outsourcing.

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Cutting-edge Mobile Application Development Services from India

With the recent advancements in mobile connectivity and technology, there has been a mind-blowing increase in the number of smartphone mobile users, increasing the need for the development of mobile applications.

An experienced Indian outsourcing provider can provide you with custom-built and cross-platform mobile app development services. With smart mobile apps, your customers can benefit from an improvement in the functionality and performance of their smartphones, be it Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

Based on your business specifications, your Indian outsourcing vendor will create value-added mobile applications that will exactly meet your requirements.

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