Need Accurate Data Entry for your Manual, Dictionary or Encyclopedia? Try Outsourcing

Is large scale data entry wearing your employees down? Are you unable to capture all the information from your encyclopedia, manual or dictionary? Outsourcing data entry to India can be the solution you are looking for. With an experienced data entry service provider in India handling your data entry, you can quickly get all your data converted into an easy-to-use and accurate online database /application that can be accessed by a large audience.

Why your business needs professional data entry services?

  • Minute details in your manuals, dictionary or encyclopedia can get missed out if not entered by data entry professionals who are trained to achieve 99.9% accuracy while entering data.
  • Dictionaries data entry services, encyclopedias data entry services or manuals data entry services requires the aid of high-end data entry technology and techniques to be done accurately and quickly.
  • Precise data entry from manuals, encyclopedias and dictionaries can be achieved only by combing the use of double key data entry as well as single key data entry.

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Streamline your Business with Business Process Outsourcing

Does your company have labor intensive processes that are costing you a lot of money? If you want to reduce ever-increasing business costs, streamline your processes and decrease your number of employees, then you might want to consider business process outsourcing. To help you get started, here are a few services that can be easily outsourced to India:

Invoice processing & accounts payable

Invoice processing and accounts payable can cost a lot to any business in terms of cost, time and effort. Outsourcing these services to a professional BPO service provider can help you digitize all your invoices on arrival with a fully automated invoice processing system.  Outsourcing can assure you of a 75% reduction in your invoice processing costs.

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7 Points to Remember While Closing a Mortgage Process

Are you worried and confused over your mortgage closing process?
Do questions like what papers to have, what fees to pay, what are other legalities and obligations, etc. bother you?

If yes, the key is to get a clear understanding of the process for closing mortgage loan, so that it is closed quickly and easily. Here are some important points that can help you streamline your mortgage process:

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India is the World’s Fastest Growing Animation Hub

If your company is looking for low cost yet high quality animation for product demos, applications, websites or business presentations, then its time you looked towards India. Be it for business or entertainment, India is currently the most sought after outsourcing location for 2D animation, 3D animation, animated illustrations, medical animation, special effects and animatics.

So why is India so popular for animation? Professional animators, use of cutting-edge animation technology, hi-tech animation studios, low cost services and fluency in English are some reasons why India is now the choice of animation biggies like IMAX, Walt Disney and Sony. Why not get the animation for your business logo, banner, viral video, storyboard or illustration done in India and tap into the expertise that only India offers.

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Free Yourself from Daily Accounting Chores with a Virtual Accountant

Are you too busy running numbers and managing your books instead of building up your business? If yes, then its time you got a virtual accountant to handle mundane bookkeeping tasks, while you focused on your business. If you need help with the finances of your small business, personal account or family trust, hiring a virtual accountant is the best decision you can take.

Hiring a virtual accountant is very convenient

Whether it’s coding your accounts, reconciling your bank/credit card statements or creating a financial report of your finances, your virtual bookkeeper can do it all and save you thousands of dollars each year.

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