Convert Browsers into Customers with Live Chat Support

Do you wish to bolster your brand and strengthen your identity with each browser that visits your website? Now, you can by outsourcing Live Chat Support services to India. With online chat support, you can give your valuable customers the chance to chat with a live representative at any given hour during the day or night. When browsers to your website get their queries and concerns immediately answered, you can be sure of an increase in the number of customers.

Employing a chat support service is a great way for your company to interact with potential customers and provide immediate product/service support in real time. Apart from being a good conversion tool, live chat support is also an effective way to provide marketing and sales support. Outsourcing live chat support is very affordable and is easily customizable for any type or size of business.  Investing in a chat support service is also an ideal way to up-sell or cross-sell your services/products to prospective customers. With live chat support services, you can be sure to generate more sales/leads from your current web traffic.

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Should You Outsource Medical Billing to India?

The question of outsourcing medical billing is something that every hospital/clinic has to deal with. Some physicians feel that it is better to outsource medical billing to a third-party provider who would have the right resources and skills to properly process claims. At the same time, there are other physicians who prefer to conduct medical billing in-house with the help of billing software and thereby maintain a complete control over their collections.

Though in-house billing can give you control over your collections, outsourcing can help your healthcare practice save on collection cost, software/hardware cost, direct claims processing cost and billing department cost all at once. Besides the “cost factor”, there are many other advantages of outsourcing billing to India.

Is your hospital, practice or clinic dealing with this crisis situation now? Are you confused if you should go ahead and outsource medical billing to India? If yes, then read further, to get a better idea if you should outsource or not.

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Increase your Bottom Line with Outsourced IT Staffing Services

It is a well-known fact that professional prefer to switch jobs quite frequently. This phenomenon can have a direct negative impact on any business, no matter the size or industry. This is especially true in the IT industry, where companies spend a huge sum of money and countless hours to hire and train IT resources for a specific type of work. But after a few months or a year, the trained IT professionals leave the company to seek greener pastures. IT professionals don’t lose anything by switching jobs, but companies are at a severe loss, as the entire process of hiring and training has to be repeated.

If your business is going through such a cycle, you can consider the much better option of outsourcing IT staffing to India. Not only can you save on cost, but you can also save on time and effort. Moreover, your experienced resources can concentrate on core business activities, instead of spending endless hours on training new IT resources.

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Missing Out Business Deals because of Missed Calls?

Are you missing out Business Deals because of missed calls? The cost of one missed call could be the best customer you ever had. Did you know that 80% of people hang up when they hear voicemail and prefer real people to answer their call? The way you answer your customers over the telephone says a lot about your business.

An automatic voicemail can leave an unprofessional impression on your customers and thereby result in missed business deals. However, personally answering calls all day can take your focus away from core business activities. The way out of such a dilemma is to outsource call answering to India.

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