Showcase your Buildings through Interactive 3D Walkthroughs

Are you a realtor or architect with buildings to sell? Your ideas are on paper and you don’t know how to show them to prospective buyers? If your answer is a “yes” to the above questions, then why not opt for a detailed 3D walkthrough of your building. A 3D model is the best way to showcase your architectural skills, as a 3D walkthrough can be created in accordance to the correct scale and proportion of the original structure. Even realistic color schemes, materials, finishes and textures can be used to render a life-like 3D model.

Using a 3D walkthrough for your unfinished buildings is not just a great way to sell your property, but it can also help you visualize your building from varied perspectives, and help you make the required deletions/additions. This can help you do away with unnecessary re-work during the construction stage.  However, if creating interactive 3D walkthroughs animations is not your core skill, then it is best outsourced to a professional in India. Outsourcing 3D walkthrough animation to India can give you access to quality 3D animations at a very affordable cost and within a tight schedule.

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Want to Widen your Customer Base? Opt for India’s Multilingual Call Centers

Your international business is spread across the globe in nations like Spain, France, Japan, China, Germany, Russia or Scandinavia. You want to reach out to prospective customers in these countries and increase your customer base. You have hired the best call center agents to answer queries, offer support and cross-sell your products, but are surprised to see no drastic improvements in your sales. If you are stuck in such a “dilemma”, then what you need is multilingual call center services from India.

As you may know, the English language is not the predominately spoken language in several countries. If you want to successfully reach out to your international customers, then it is best to communicate to them in their native tongue, be it French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Scandinavian or Cantonese.

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9 KPO Services Your Business Can’t Do Without

If your business has still not invested into KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), then you are definitely missing out on something. KPO, as it is popularly known, are knowledge based services that deal with the creation and dissemination of knowledge.  With quality KPO solutions from a professional KPO service provider, you can get valuable business information about competitors, business trends, products, markets and key opinion leaders. Armed with the latest knowledge about your industry, you can make the right decisions for your business.  Here are 9 KPO services that are indispensable to any business:

1. Identify key opinion leaders: KPO experts can help you discover the key opinion leaders in your particular field. You can get to know their thoughts and opinions about your drug/product. Your KPO service provider will also provide you with a database which will include the profiles of the key opinion leaders in your industry.

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5 Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for In 2013

Today’s business environment is constantly changing and these changes can have an impact on your organization’s decisions during the next 12 months of 2013. Keeping yourself informed about the upcoming business trends in 2013 can help you make wiser business decisions. Here are five expected trends that the outsourcing industry is likely to face in 2013:

1. Social media connections will be more relevant

Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are fast becoming the preferred platform for customers to post feedback or raise complaints. Businesses now receive a large number of comments and requests from such sites. Though customers still use the phone and email to communicate, social media communication is on a steady rise. Apart from concentrating only on sales, companies now want to build large social communities of customers. 2013 will definitely see a rise in the outsourcing of social media interactions to offshore contact centers that have an ample supply of tech-savvy social media experts.

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