Optimize Sales & Increase your ROI with a Functional Retail Space Plan from India

Do you need a space plan for an existing store? Or maybe you require a unique retail space design for one of your new stores. You are looking for a retail space design company who can optimize sales and maximize your return on investment through functional and well designed retail spaces that would give your customers an ultimate shopping experience.  If this is what you have in mind, then why not try outsourcing to India, instead of contacting an expensive retail space designer in your locality or trying to do it in-house with your current employees?

5 reasons why outsourcing retail space design is a great idea

  • Benefit from custom-fit and flexible solutions that address your unique business needs
  • Get access to the specialized knowledge and skills of Indian retail space planning designers at a low cost
  • Indian retail space design companies use the latest in space planning software, to come up with creative yet functional solutions
  • By outsourcing, you and your staff can concentrate on core business activities and thereby save on time, cost and effort
  • You can avail the services of a dedicated team of retail space planning designers throughout the course of your project

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Does Your Company Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Does your organization have a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that can help you quickly and seamlessly retrieve lost data in the case of unpredictable disasters? If not, then what you require is a full-proof disaster recovery plan that can offer security against natural as well as systemic ones (large scale system failure or accidental deletion of important data).

Armed with a business continuity plan, your company can respond to any disaster in a calm and systematic manner, knowing that your software, hardware, data and systems would be up and running in no time. Your organization will also not have to lose its reputation. But if your company does not know how to go about creating the right disaster recovery plan, then it is best outsourced to a professional DR services company.

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5 Mundane Business Tasks a Remote Assistant Can Help You With

Do you find yourself spending all your time on answering calls, developing presentations, sending business e-mails or scheduling appointments? Are such non-core, yet time-intensive business chores leaving you with no time to focus on the core activities of your company? If your answer is a “yes”, then what you need is a dedicated personal assistant.

Gone are the days when a personal assistant was expected to work from your office. Now, with outsourcing, you can easily hire a remote executive, who will work remotely for you from his/her location. With a committed remote executive always available to carry out your instructions, you will finally be able to reduce operational costs, free-up internal resources and proactively use your time.

A remote assistant from India will be able to efficiently handle any of the following business tasks at a low cost and within a quick turnaround time.

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Give your Hospital the Advantage of Nighthawk Reporting Services

Does your hospital, medical group or diagnostic center require regular off-site reading of diagnostic images? Do you find yourself wishing for anytime, anywhere radiology interpretation services at an affordable cost? If your answer is a “yes”, then you can opt for nighthawk teleradiology services from India.

India is fast becoming a hot outsourcing destination for teleradiology services, as the country is equipped with qualified radiologists, hi-tech digital technology, best-of-breed infrastructure and a favorable time zone.  With such advantages, you can be sure of fast, reliable and error-free nighthawk services for your hospital.

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Transform your Business with Data Conversion

Does your company have a large pile of important data tucked away in paper files or reports? If your data is not converted into an easily accessible electronic format, you may encounter data loss. Moreover, data that is stored only on paper is very difficult to use or edit. You would also not have quick access to your data, while making business critical decisions. The solution to such problems is Data Conversion.

Once all of your data is converted from paper into the electronic format of your choice, you will find that your company can function more effectively, access data as and when required and easily manage a heavy flow of data on a daily basis. However, if data conversion is not one of your core skills, then it is best outsourced to a professional data conversion company in India, who can provide you with fast and error-free conversion services.

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