India Takes on the Chinese Dragon

When outsourcing first began, companies looked for services that were fast, seamless and cheap. Today, years later, these preferences have changed. Companies who now wish to outsource no longer go by cost, but look for creative solutions and flexible business models. Most companies, when first introduced to outsourcing have to make a difficult choice between the world’s two leading outsourcing locations, India and China.

Since both the countries rank heavily in foreign investment, there has always been a battle for the outsourcing throne. If your company is outsourcing for the first time, then you would soon have to choose between these two nations. Should you outsource to India or China? Which outsourcing destination is better and why? If you are thinking on similar lines, then read on to find the answers to these questions.

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Which Bookkeeping System Do You Prefer?

Recent research has proven that companies of all sizes (small, medium and large) can benefit greatly by outsourcing bookkeeping. Bookkeeping, if done in-house can rob you of precious time and effort, which can be otherwise spent on core business activities. Outsourcing bookkeeping is also a great way to reduce cost, improve efficiency and get access to the skill sets of professional accountants.

Now that you are confident about outsourcing, the next step is to choose a bookkeeping system that suits the requirements of your business. Most bookkeeping services providers in India specialize in different bookkeeping methods and give companies the opportunity to choose between single entry bookkeeping, double entry bookkeeping and online bookkeeping.

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In-house Vs Outsourced Lead Generation: Who is the Winner?

Research has proven that 8 out of 10 companies say that regular high quality leads are one of their biggest challenges. With efficient lead generation services being the need of the hour, businesses have to make a decision between in-house lead generation and an outsourced service. But which is more profitable? Does outsourcing bring in higher results? Let’s look at both the options in detail.

In-house lead generation

To start with, most organizations don’t make a clear definition of who is in charge for lead generation. Usually when the term “in-house” is used, it means that everyone is involved and no one is really responsible for the end result. Since a business would always have to focus on core business activities, lead generation ends up as being a non standard process that is occasionally performed – usually when the sales team has no contracts or targets to achieve. In the long run, in-house lead generation becomes more of wasted effort rather than bringing in more sales to the company.

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Outsourcing is Now a Great Option for Mortgage Companies

Are you a mortgage broker who is always running short on time? Or maybe you are an owner of a bank or mortgage loan institution and you want to use the time of your resources more productively. In the recent past, outsourcing has proven to be the best way for individual mortgage brokers and mortgage loan companies to cut back on cost, reduce processing time and utilize effort for value-generating business activities.

If you are new to mortgage outsourcing services, then you may have several questions in mind. What type of mortgage work can I outsource? Will the transition be a seamless process? What are the benefits that I can leverage from outsourcing? Do Indians have in-depth knowledge about mortgage loan processing? Well, why not read further and get your questions answered.

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