5 Ways in Which Market Research Can Help Your Business

Recent research surveys have proven that business market research can be pivotal in determining the success of a company. Has your company given market research a thought? Without effective market research, your firm will know nothing about the latest market trends, the buying habits of your consumers, demographics, economic shifts or even the business strategies of your competitors.

However, if you do invest on market research, you can see that it can bring in a world of difference to your business. You and your managers will be able to single out problems, spot new business opportunities, make calculated decisions, get ideas for new products and even strike up a good rapport with your consumers. All this and more can be achieved with market research.

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Slash Costs and Increase Revenue with Back Office Outsourcing

Did you know that though back office operations are seldom prominent, they do play a major role in the functioning of a business?  With a well-organized back-office, your company can increase sales, serve customers better and also grow to greater heights.  In today’s competitive business world, more and more global companies are outsourcing back office support in order to improve their revenue and productivity.

If your business has not yet thought about back office outsourcing, don’t worry. You can start by outsourcing a few of your non-core business tasks that are robbing your staff of time and effort. You could even think about outsourcing business activities that are too expensive to do in-house.  India, a leading provider of back-office services, offers an entire gamut of back-office support services to choose from. Some of them include:

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India – The Next Knowledge Process Outsourcing Hotspot

India is no longer the world’s favorite outsourcing destination only for BPO services or customer support. In the recent past, India has proved its mettle even in other services like Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO as it is popularly known.  In fact, today India is all set to lead the world’s KPO industry with its profuse talent and favorable outsourcing environment.  The following four factors have catapulted India into being the world’s top KPO outsourcing destination:

1. India has an abundance of KPO talent: India has a large abundance of rich technical talent in KPO-centric domains, who are readily available to take on KPO projects. India has more than 700 prestigious universities who annually produce over three million competent graduates.  The Indian nation is also the home of leading institutions such as, IIMs and IITs who create skilled indidividuals. Today, the KPO sector in India employees around 25,000 professionals. This number is only expected to double in the coming years. Experts predict that in the near future, more that 250,000 KPO professionals would be working out of India.

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