5 Useful Tips on How to Record Audio for Business Transcription

You have setup your recording equipment and are all set to start recording a business meeting, panel discussion or interview. You plan on sending the audio recording for transcription to India. But if you’re audio recording has faint voices, over speaking or a loud background noise, then the quality of the business transcription can suffer.

If you want your business transcription to be error free, then you must aim at recording an audio file which has a single person speaking at a time, no disturbing background noise and with all the participating speakers evenly heard.  Use the following five useful tips to record audio for transcription.

1. Eliminate background noise:  Select a soundproof and enclosed room to record your meeting or panel discussion.  Either remove or switch of ticking clocks, buzzing tube lights, noisy fans/air conditioners or creaking chairs and tables.  If you are having your meeting in a cafe, make sure that you are not sitting next to an open window or a music speaker.  Even unnoticeable factors like high ceilings or hardwood floors can create a noise in the background.  Microphones can very easily pick up background noise, so it is better to minimize background noise wherever possible.

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What is KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)?

Knowledge process outsourcing or KPO for short is a form of outsourcing where information and knowledge related work are outsourced to a different company in the same country or in an offshore location. Popularly outsourced KPO functions include business analysis, technical analysis, research and development and financial consultancy services amongst others.

Companies mainly outsource KPO services to reduce cost and save on other resources. Over the past ten years India and Eastern Europe have been the two most prominent KPO outsourcing locations. Knowledge process outsourcing is a great way for a company with a shortage of skilled professionals to hire the services of low-cost but skilled KPO experts from another country.

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Go from Ordinary to Awesome with Image Enhancement

Do you want to see a quick improvement in your sales? You can, with Search Engine Optimization or SEO services as it is popularly known. Apart from being a cost-effective sales and marketing tactic, SEO also comes with great benefits that your business can use.  Here are the top five benefits of using SEO for your online business:

1. Get your brand noticed

Your business might be one in a million, but with effective SEO promoting systems; you can make your brand stand out from the crowd. When your target audience sees your brand come up on credible websites, on the top slot in Google or linked from reliable sources, your business is bound to get noticed. With the power of SEO, you can reinforce your brand image, improve your company’s credibility and also get in touch with new customers.

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What Are Your Customers Saying About You? Find Out With Social Media Monitoring

Does your business have a social presence on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?  Do you want to find out what your customers are saying about your product/service? Yes, it is now possible to keep a constant tab on your customers and find out what they are saying with social media monitoring services.  Social media monitoring refers to the process of sorting through huge volumes of data gathered from popular social media platforms and then extracting customer feedback about your brand, product or service.

What happens during social media monitoring?

Leading service providers like Outsource2india use an effective three step process during social media monitoring. This includes:

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