How to Plan a Real Estate Video Tour

One of the most important steps in creating a great real estate video tour is the first step, which is the planning process. Far too often, a real estate professional simply picks up a hand held camera such as a cell phone with video capabilities, turns it on and walks through the house providing some verbal information about the home. In order to make a great real estate video tour, a lot of planning should be done. The script should be written out and practiced, and the video should move from one room to the next in an order that makes sense. Ideally, the video will showcase the best features of the home first. Here is some information on how to create a real estate video tour that not only looks good, but also leads to bigger and faster sales.

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What Is Medical Coding and Why Outsource It?

If you are a physician then you know that everything that a healthcare physician does and why it was required appears on medical claim forms as a series of codes. CPT or the Current Procedural Terminology describes the surgical, medical and diagnostic services/procedures performed by physicians and other health care providers. The CPT is a collection of thousands of specific service codes and dozens of modifiers, along with clearly defined rules on how the codes must be used.

The CPT system was created and is now owned and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA). The primary purpose of the CPT system is to cater to the reporting and data collecting purposes of public health professionals. The CPT is also essential for patients who want to bill their patient care services.

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How to Make a Real Estate Video Tour Look Professional

One of the most important things when putting together a real estate video tour is to make sure that it looks professional and well done. When done properly, a real estate video tour can have a huge impact on a listing. It can bring in more interest, helping a home to sell faster and get a bigger offer. On the other hand, when poorly done, a real estate video tour can be a negative. If the video is low quality, the lighting is bad and the shoot is not well planned, the negatives of a home can be highlighted.

The best option is to work with a professional who knows how to produce high quality real estate video tours with a lot of consistency. Then can deliver a finished product that will be extremely beneficial to the seller. However, below are a few tips that can help anyone make a professional looking real estate video tour.

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Grab Buyers Attention with Real Estate Image Enhancement

Sometimes it is a good exercise to check out the experience of your target audience in order to figure out how you can best appeal to them and serve them. In the world of real estate image enhancement, this can best be done by visiting a site with real estate listings and browsing them as if you are a potential buyer.

What is one of the first things that you notice about listings? How are you deciding which listings to click and read more about and which ones to skip? If you are like most potential homebuyers, you are deciding based upon the primary photo on each of the listings, which tends to be an exterior shot of the property. Most users scan the entire page at one go, and each thumbnail picture gets only a split of a seconds time. It is the job of the realtor, the homeowners, the real estate photographer and the real estate image editor to grab the attention of the potential buyer in that split second.
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Four Tips to Create Awesome Real Estate Video Tours

More and more real estate agents and professionals are devoting time to learning how to make really impressive video tours, because it is becoming such an important part of online listings. With the prevalence of the Internet in homebuyers’ searches for the right property, it is obvious that online listings are here to stay. That means that the next step is delivering the best online listings that can drive a lot of people to open houses and lead to more offers on the home for a greater amount of money.

With that in mind, here are four tips that can be used on a specific project or in general as a real estate professional trying to keep a strong presence with real estate video tours.
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Five Outsourcing Rules for CIOs

As the CIO of a company, you might have to deal with an expanding list of business objectives, which you have to meet by implementing a cost-effective strategy.  You have two options. You can concentrate on in-house development or outsource.  With cloud computing growing at a fast pace, it makes sense to go beyond the corporate boundary for IT services and ensure better value for your business. Here are five key rules to help you make the best from your outsourcing contract:

1. Figure out why you want to outsource and list down your objectives

This may sound oblivious, but having specific aims really matter in an outsourcing relationship. Before you outsource, make sure that you know what to expect from the outsourcing deal. Having clear and specific objectives also makes it easy for your outsourcing partner to ensure better success. To begin with, consider shorter outsourcing contracts with strong emphasis on your business objectives. Also ensure that the service provider offers you with flexibility in the outsourcing deal.

2. Engage the help of a legal adviser to help you decipher the outsourcing contract

Striking the right kind of deal with a service provider is something that most CIOs are concerned about. To start with, find a legal adviser who understands your interests and concerns. You can go with your internal legal team or hire the services of a legal enterprise to help you decide on which outsourcing partner to choose. Deciphering the finer points of an outsourcing contract can help you enjoy a great working relationship with the service provider right from the start.

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Five Tips for Real Estate Image Editing

There are a lot of different methods of post-processing of real estate images by which your property images can look a lot better. When used in conjunction, they can really work wonders on your pictures. In addition, real estate image editing can cause more people to come out and see a home or put offers in on it, because they will have a stronger first impression based upon the images that you showed them. This is part of the reason that real estate image editing is so popular in the industry. Here are a few tips on how you can use real estate image editing to boost your conversions:

  1. Tap Into Emotions – Try to make people think about pleasant, exciting thoughts when they look at the images you’ve selected and edited for a property. Take pictures of fun features, such as pools or decks. Brighten them up with some real estate image editing so that they remind people of a fun time on a sunny day. Good real estate image editing will make bright colors appear brighter while also adding some sharpness and contrast.
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Brighten up and Enhance Your Real Estate Images for Better Conversions

One of the most important things that you should include in any online real estate listing is a gallery of images of the home or property. It is vital that you show the user what the home looks like, so that they can decide whether or not they are interested. Using image enhancement and image manipulation techniques can make a huge difference in your conversions, and that will be vital to giving your clients the best service possible while also increasing your chances at making the most money possible.

Better Images Mean More Conversions

When Internet users see bright photos, they pay more attention. They will be more likely to click a corresponding link. When potential homebuyers see a wide array of images for a property, they are more likely to become interested in that specific property because they can begin to picture themselves in it.

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How to Understand your Market?

If you are keen on running a successful business, then you need to learn more about your competitors, your customers and your industry. The best way to understand your market is to use market research. With the aid of market research, you can analyze data to help you decipher which services or products are in demand and how to get more competitive in the market. Apart from this, market research can also give you valuable insight on how to:

  • Minimize your business risks
  • Identify upcoming and current problems in your industry
  • Recognize sales opportunities

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5 Handy Mobile Apps for Managing your Business

If you are the manager of a small or medium sized business, you will know the pressures that come with running a business. Business meetings, conferences, luncheons and off-site trips can keep you in and out of the office and country. With the gears of business never slowing down, how do you keep a track of things? Now, you can keep a tab on your day-to-day events even on the go, with the following five handy easy-to-use mobile apps. All you need is your tablet or Smartphone and you are good to go:

Read important reports /presentations on the go

You receive a customer presentation or an important report on your Smartphone, but you can’t get a good look at it until you reach the office. What do you do? In such situations, you can take the help of This handy app can open PDFs, documents and media on your phone. Moreover, it also allows on-phone collaboration. The best thing about this app, is that you can monitor changes, assign edits and make changes on the go. Other great apps that can help you read your reports, include, GoodReader, Dropbox, iWork, Roambi, Quickoffice and Documents To Go.

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