What Obama’s Immigration Plan means for Indian Techies?

The latest immigration reform of President Barack Obama, which was revealed last Thursday, brought little hope for the Information Technology Outsourcing industry in India. High-skilled techies in India were eagerly waiting for the US President to increase H- 1Bs or the number of skilled-workers visa. However, Obama bypassed the Congress in order to protect over a million illegal immigrants from deportation. The reform also included minor benefits for organizations with overseas workers.

The President, in his address to the nation, said that it would now be easier and faster for entrepreneurs, graduates and high-skilled immigrates to stay in the U.S and contribute to its economy.  This has brought a cloud over India’s outsourcing firms who were waiting for the H-1B visas to increase, so they could send across more Indian engineers and programmers to meet the needs of their customers in the U.S.

This is indeed a big hit to Indian software companies, considering the fact that Indian technology giants (Wipro, TCS and Infosys) have been sending thousands of skilled workers year after year.

The reforms bill, which was first introduced last year, was initially supposed to triple the H-1B visas to 180,000 a year, but was thwarted after several lawmakers felt that such a change would result in an influx of illegal immigrates. Based on this fact, market watchers were sure that Obama would not drastically increase the number of H-1B visas issued annually.  Continue reading

Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning

When it comes to developing an elearning course, every company must answer this question: Should we outsource the elearning project or develop it in-house? Though the answer to this question will vary from company to company and largely depends on the requirements, goals and subject matter of the elearning course, there are definite benefits that come with outsourcing. Listed below are four benefits that your business can leverage when outsourcing elearning content development to India:

1. Tap into the skill sets and talents of professional elearning companies

With outsourcing, comes the exclusive opportunity of benefiting from the experience, skill sets and technical know-how of professional content development and elearning companies. For instance, if your internal team does not have adequate knowledge about a particular subject matter, a professional elearning company can help you with the ideas and concepts that you want to present. There are good chances that they have already carried out a similar elearning project in the past. This way, you can take full advantage of their knowledge and expertise. Apart from this, you can also leverage their singular elearning development and design skills, which would help your company come up with an effective elearning course.

2. Stop worrying about staffing issues, project glitches and tight deadlines

Since the offshore elearning company would be in charge of managing their instructional designers and making sure that the deadlines are met, you can stop worrying about staffing problems. While your business gets back to focussing on its core deliverables, you can be assured that your elearning course is getting done as per your plan. The elearning company would also be handling any project glitches that may crop up, which means that your company will not have to sort out any problems, just ahead of the deadline. Continue reading

Why Hire Oracle DBAs Through Outsourcing?

Today, the leader of databases is undoubtedly Oracle. The versatility, reliability, grid architecture and clustering technology have made Oracle the first choice for several organizations.  However, the downside is finding dedicated Oracle database administrators who can apply the unique features of Oracle to suit your distinct business requirements. Now, the question is how do you find Oracle database consultants with the right skill sets?

This is where outsourcing comes into the picture. Through outsourcing, you can hire Oracle database administrators who can help you with any requirement, be it designing/developing databases or migrating a database across a platform. With the undivided attention of a dedicated team of database administrators, you can be sure to see the successful completion of your project.

Skills of dedicated DBAs

By opting for Oracle staffing services, you can tap into the skill of expert DBAs who are well-versed with the latest technologies that include, Grids, Cluster Ready Services, Real Application Clusters, Recovery Manager, Oracle Enterprise Managers and STATSPACK to name a few.

A dedicated Oracle DBA can help your company with anything and everything, such as, installing the Oracle application, planning out storage requirements, creating table spaces, modifying the database structure, managing the system security, ensuring compliance, monitoring user access, optimizing the performance of the database, charting out backup plans and restoring the database to name a few. Continue reading

5 Advantages of Using QuickBooks Pro For Your Business

QuickBook Pro by Intuit is an acclaimed financial accounting software. Made especially for small to mid-size businesses, this software has great features for common accounting functions like accounts receivables, accounts payables, financial reporting and credit card management. If you have still not used QuickBooks Pro, then its time you used it right away, as this software can give your business the following five benefits:

1. Better money management

The software has uniquely designed features that can enable your business to manage your money in a better fashion. You can enter due dates and payment details for all your recurring bills. When your bills are due, you can directly print out a check from QuickBooks. This software records all your transactions and has the option of linking your banking accounts too. Since you can view all your financial records on a single screen, you can discard the use of paper bank statements.

2. Keep a track of expense billing

If you run a business, then you would need to keep a track of your expenses which have to be later billed to clients. Small and large expenditures like mileage, purchases, meals or international travel can now be easily recorded into QuickBooks Pro. You can also go a step further and save each expense according to the job or customer and enjoy the benefit of not having to manually reconcile your expenses.

3. Quick sales invoicing

By using QuickBooks Pro, you can save plenty of time as receipts or invoices can be quickly created at the click of a button. You can bill clients in large batches or individually and even email the invoices. This is a handy feature to employ, especially when you have to bill a several customers for the same service. Continue reading