Should You Outsource Mortgage Pre-processing?

Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms. 

Are you a broker or lender in need of pre-processing services for your home loan process? Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms, appraisal orders and CAIVRS authorization, apart from also checking the rate lock. Through outsourcing, you can quickly complete all the required steps in the home loan process on time and go a step ahead of your competitors.

Still not convinced if outsourcing can handle everything in the mortgage pre-processing process? Unsure if you should outsource or do it all yourself? Read on to find out more about the steps involved in mortgage pre-processing and if you should consider outsourcing.

1. 1003 reviews

Usually, lenders use the 1003 forms to record important financial information about an applicant who requires a conventional mortgage. When you outsource mortgage pre-processing, an expert in India would review your 1003 forms to check for the completeness of the application and if all the details (date, signature, initials, borrower names, employment history and occupancy history) are included. This way, all your 1003 review forms can be processed quickly without delays.

2. Rate lock

Your mortgage service provider in India can also handle the process of locking the present interest rate for an applicant, over a specified period. You can also request for a complete rate lock process on a case to case basis.

3. Initial QC

Mortgage pre-processing professionals will conduct an initial QC, by checking for all the Pay Stubs, W2s and other such important documents. By opting for an initial QC, you can be absolutely sure that your loan application includes all the required details for the further processing of the loan. Continue reading

Why Use Electronic Data Processing?

Electronic data processing or EDP is a fast, secure and error-free data processing system that can process any amount of data. 

Does your organization collect and manage every tiny bit of information that is generated every day or just a selected set of data? Whether your company is small or big or whether your data processing needs are immense or less, you can benefit from an Electronic Data Processing or EDP system. EDP refers to a digital management of your database, which would be stored on a shared server with access to all the involved parties. Almost any type of data like invoices, phone conversations, documents or minutes of a meeting can be collected and managed through an effective EDP strategy.

Top 4 benefits of using electronic data processing

Here are some top advantages that your company can leverage by using electronic data processing:

  • Faster speed and access to data, as the information which is stored can be instantly retrieved through the internet or an internal network
  • Better efficiency as any document like statements, reports or invoices can be automatically generated through an EDP system
  • Reduce costs, as once an EDP is developed and implemented, it can minimize the cost of managing data over a period of time
  • Reduction in resources as there are no repeated entries or mistakes ( common in manual data processing)

How to setup an EDP?

For an efficient electronic data processing system, you would require the following:

  • Desktops, servers and terminals to enter and store your data
  • Applications, spreadsheets, codes or databases to collate and manage your data
  • A system to enter and manipulate your data. The procedure should also eliminate any duplication of data or data corruption
  • Specially trained resources who have the ability to work with the EDP system

Continue reading

What is SketchUp Services & Why Outsource It?

SketchUp is an easy-to-use and feature-rich freeware design tool that can bring your design concepts to life.

If you have not yet used SketchUp for your business, then it’s time you used the software and reaped the benefits that it offers. With its accuracy of design and flexibility, builders, landscape designers, construction firms and the engineering industry in general have been able to effectively conceptualize, market and present their ideas. With the tool’s wide variety of visualizations, your company too can transform your imaginations into reality.

Features of SketchUp

  • Easy to install and run, with a simple and uncluttered interface
  • Quick and easy modeling options
  • Rapid prototyping with 3D geometry abilities
  • Support from an active community
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Wide range of colors and models to choose from
  • Options of pre-drawn components

Popular SketchUp modeling services

The SketchUp software can be used for a wide range of services, such as the following:

  • Interior/ exterior design
  • 3D rendering and 3D modeling
  • SketchUp to CAD conversion
  • Marketing walkthroughs
  • Architectural drawings
  • Google Earth and Warehouse application

Through SketchUp you can visualize real-life scenarios with the use of different options in colors, sizes and shapes. SketchUp services are extremely beneficial for architects, engineering firms, construction companies, builders, contractors, and landscape designers.

Benefits of outsourcing SketchUp services

SketchUp has opened a whole range of design and modeling possibilities. However, if you and your team do not know how to use SketchUp, then learning and mastering the software can take up time and effort. This is where outsourcing comes in. Instead of trying to figure out the use of SketchUp on your own or hiring an expensive team of specialists, you now have the option of outsourcing SketchUp services to India. You will immediately get access to a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in using SketchUp for designing and modeling. Outsourcing SketchUp can help your business leverage the following benefits:

1. Minimized cost

When you outsource, you can enjoy cost savings in terms of overhead cost and capital expenditure. You will also not have to make heavy investments on technology or infrastructure. Outsourcing can not only help you widen your profitability, but can also help you minimize your cost by 60%. Continue reading

3 Business Strategies your Mobile App Should Employ

Have you decided on building a mobile app for your business? If yes, then its time you wrote down your objectives and then develop a clear strategy around your goals. While developing a mobile app, you should remember that your mobile app should give your customers the freedom to do the same thing that they would have traditionally done on their computers. The app should also include the flexibility to shop-on-the-go through their Smartphone.

Here are three strategies that you can use to harness the power of your mobile app for your business.

1. Invest in customer engagement

The great thing about using a mobile channel is that it can give your business the opportunity to interact with your customers in real-time, by their location and along with their complete profile details. With a mobile app, you can turn your customers into revenue generating clients by offering coupons and other such interactive deals. By including social sharing buttons on your app, you will also be helping to increase your sales, as now your customers can share their favorite products on popular social media networks.

2. Provide efficient customer support

Your mobile app should make it extremely simple and easy for your customers to get in touch with your business and buy your products/services. The mobile app should even include easy-to-use payment options and should be a real value-add to the existing services that you already provide on your website. Continue reading