Why USE MOODLE for Virtual Learning?

MOODLE a popular learning management service on the web is open coded, has fully customizable features, is free of cost and is also free from licensing issues.

Have you heard about MOODLE development services? MOODLE or Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is the most popular learning management service (LMS) on the web. Virtual Learning Environment and Course Management System are the other names assigned to MOODLE. In fact, MOODLE has over sixty five thousand registered sites. Apart from being open and free, MOODLE is also fully customizable and can be effectively used for virtual learning.

Top 4 Advantages of Using MOODLE

  1. MOODLE is open coded, has fully customizable features, is free of cost and is also free of licensing issues.
  2. MOODLE is the ideal learning solution for start-ups and small businesses who wish to train their employees or take their training business into the homes of their customers
  3. Setup and usage is extremely easy, as all you have to do to start with MOODLE is to setup the basic website, select a template and populate your e-learning courses to your participants
  4. Solutions to problems, free updates and the latest versions of MOODLE are guaranteed as there are hundreds of MOODLE support teams and freelancers who keep working on MOODLE on a 24/7 basis

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Ensure 24/7 Security With CCTV Monitoring Services from India

Investing in remote CCTV video monitoring services is the easiest and most cost-effective way to safeguard your premises on a 24/7 basis. 

Have you always wished that your business site was monitored on a 24/7 basis? Well, you do not have to wish anymore, as this is now possible through exclusive CCTV monitoring services for any type of commercial or non-commercial asset. With remote CCTV monitoring services from India, you can avail round-the-clock security services of your site and ensure its safety. Through video monitoring, a trained team in India can continuously scan your premises and sound your alarms whenever necessary. You can be rest assured that any intruders will be followed and threats will be closely monitored.

CCTV video surveillance systems are an easy and cost-effective way to monitor factories, private enterprises, private residences, commercial assets, warehouses, construction sites, parking lots, retail enterprises and mobile towers to name a few.

Real-time video surveillance is as reliable as onsite surveillance, as your company will receive the same level of security and protection, if not better. The best part of real-time CCTV monitoring services is that is comes at a price that is 50% lower than the current cost that you spend on security services.

Top 8 Advantages of Using a Remote CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV surveillance is very important for safeguarding the assets of your company, maintaining industry-specific safety protocols and preventing unauthorized access into your premises. Here are eight advantages that a CCTV monitoring service can provide you with:

  • 24/7 verification of working staff in real-time
  • Compliance to health and safety measures on finished/unfinished industrial sites
  • Protection of property and personnel on factories and construction sites that use unattended heavy machinery
  • Protection against theft, vandalism and other such acts of aggressions, with video evidence
  • A sharp reduction in the operating cost of using security staff on-site, through the use of 24/7 remote CCTV services
  • Specialized CCTV systems that work in conjunction with monitored intruder systems
  • Real-time sound alerts which will inform your local authorities in the event of a security breach, thereby discouraging potential intruders
  • Immediate identification and rectification of onsite security gaps through perpetual security surveillance

Indian CCTV Security Systems are the Best in the World
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Should your Business use Business Analysis?

Do you wish to establish project requirements, eliminate rework and ensure that your stakeholders are on board? Read on to find out more about business analysis.

In today’s competitive business world, almost every project is measured by its ROI (Return on Investment) So, how do you ensure a great return on investment? The ideal way to do this would be to infuse business analysis into your business efforts. Using business analysis can drastically increase the success ratio of your project. Whether you wish to establish project requirements or to eliminate rework or even to ensure that your stakeholders are on board, your best bet would be to turn to business analysis.

What is business analysis?

Business analysis refers to the practice of making changes in an organization, by defining the needs of a company and recommending apt solutions that would deliver value to the company’s stakeholders. Business analysis is usually performed by using a set of techniques and tasks that are used as a liaison among stakeholders to effectively understand the policies, structure and operations of a company and to offer solutions that will help the company achieve its goals.

What does business analysis involve?

Business analysis involves understanding how an organization functions in order to accomplish its goals and defining the capabilities that an organization requires to provide products/services to external stakeholders. Right from defining the goals, to understanding how to connect the goals to specific objects and determining the courses of action that an organization has to undertake to achieve the goals business analysis can effectively be used.

Why do businesses use business analysis?

Most business use business analysis to identify and articulate the need for change in how an organization must work. Business analysis is usually performed to understand the present state of an organization or to serve as a basis for the later identification of business requirements. However, in many cases business analysis is performed to define effective solutions that would meet business objectives, needs or goals. Continue reading

Q & A on Legal Process Outsourcing

Read these questions and answers on legal process outsourcing to find out more about outsourcing LPO services to India.

Does your corporate legal department want to outsource a few of your legal functions and start focussing on your core business activities? If yes, look towards India for high-quality, cost-effective and fast legal process outsourcing services. If your legal firm is new to the concept of outsourcing to India, you may want to know to more about legal process outsourcing services, the benefits you can leverage and what you can expect by outsourcing legal services to India.

You can now get all your questions answered by reading the following questions and answers on legal process outsourcing.

1. What is legal process outsourcing (LPO)?

LPO or legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a corporate legal department or a law firm outsourcing legal services to a third-party company that specialises in offering legal support services.

2. Can any business corporation use legal outsourcing services?

Yes. No matter the size or nature of your business, you can outsource legal outsourcing to India. Over the last decade several law firms and in-house legal departments have been successfully outsourcing legal services to India.

3. What are the top three advantages of outsourcing legal services?

  • Huge cost savings: Since there is a marked difference in the cost of labor between India and the U.S for professional services, outsourcing can bring in huge cost savings. For example, the cost of locating a qualified attorney and then proving training can be very expensive. However, when you outsource, you need not spend on recruiting and training costs.
  • 24/7 services: India has a unique 12 hour time difference with the US. This makes it possible for your legal firm to avail 24/7 services. You can send in your work in the night and have them ready by the next morning!
  • Large talent pool: Outsourcing to India can give you access to a large pool of trained and qualified attorneys who will provide you with error-free services, within your deadline.

4. Why choose India for legal outsourcing services?

As per recent surveys, India is the most favoured destination for LPO services among legal firms located in the US, UK and Europe. India’s qualified lawyers with knowledge about the US common law system, favourable time zone difference and fluency in the English language have made India popular when it comes to legal services.

5. Will outsourcing legal services to India mean a compromise on quality?

Not at all. You can be assured about high quality services, since the Indian lawyers who will be working for you have a thorough understanding about the American legal system and are given intensive training before commencing work on a project. When you outsource to India, you can be absolutely sure about quality. Continue reading