Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center Services

If you are considering on whether outsourcing your call center is the right thing to do, read on to find out the top five reasons why you must outsource your customer support. 

Staying focused on your core competencies, can often leave you without time to handle your call center operations, be it live chats, emails or calls. This is where outsourcing call center functions can help. If you were to establish a contact center, you would have to make major investments in terms of equipment, facilities and technology – not to mention the extra time, cost and energy that you would have to invest for training and regular operations.

A cost benefit analysis will show you that your organization can manage costs better and improve customer satisfaction at the same time by outsourcing. Here are 5 reasons to convince you to outsource your call center.

1. Minimized costs: An in-house call center would require heavy investments for staffing, facilities, operations and equipment. By outsourcing, you will only have to pay for the services required on a per-hour or transactional basis. Since agents are often shared with multiple clients, you can leverage a low cost-per-call rate.

2. Better flexibility and scalability: Since call volumes often rise and fall, your in-house call center will face these fluctuations, when agents will be idle. Outsourcing on the other hand can reduce the severity of call fluctuations with multiple clients and also reduce the cost-per-call. An outsourced call center also has the size and staff to quickly ramp-up in case of a volume spike.

3. Access to specialized industry knowledge: A professional call center company will have in-depth understanding of the call services required by different industries. Through outsourcing you can tap into proven strategies and valuable insights, which will only come from years of extensive experience. Your customer support is sure to benefit from specialized industry knowledge. Continue reading

The 4 Popular Types of CAD Conversion

Paper, PDF files, image files and even 2D files can now be converted into CAD. Find out more about the 4 popular types of CAD conversion.

If you want to bring your product to life, you will need to convert your plans, diagrams, sketches and other such files into a CAD format. Whether you plan on redesigning your home or are working for an engineering form, using CAD will ensure a successful outcome. Instead of struggling with CAD conversion on your own, you can outsource CAD services to an outsourcing service provider. You will not only save on money and time, but can also enhance your security for sensitive information. Apart from these advantages, you can get access to different types of CAD conversion, such as the follows:

1. Paper to CAD

Legacy files are difficult to convert into CAD, because the input has to be done in specific ways for the conversion. By opting for paper to CAD conversion services, you will be able to easily send your legacy sketches, hardcopy drawings, blueprints and other such documents to the service provider, who will convert these documents into the CAD format that you desire.

2. Images to CAD

Do you need an image to be converted into CAD for your project? With image to CAD conversion, you can transform any image file (JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG) into a varying number of CAD formats, be it AutoCAD and more. This not only saves both time and effort, but can give you an accuracy level of 99.9%.

3. 2D to 3D

If you are a part of a design or construction project, then you will know the importance of 2D drafts. Blueprints are in fact one of the most popular of these drafts. Very often the need will arise to create 2D documents into a 3D format and for that you will need expert 2D to 3D CAD conversion services.

4. PDF to CAD

Almost every project requires extensive planning and note taking. Very often, these are compiled into a PDF format which can be easily used and shared within a company. However, PDF files can be cumbersome to use and will need to be converted into CAD. An expert service provider can convert any type of PDF (legacy drawings, computer-aided drawings and hand written specifications) into CAD.

Before you finalize on a CAD service provider, ensure that they offer the above four CAD services as well as other options. You will also need to check if the service provider can guarantee an accuracy of 99.9%. Data security and privacy is something else that you will need to ask your service provider for.

Read more about the CAD conversion services offered by Outsource2india.

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Enhance Your Data Storage & Retrieval Capabilities Through Document Scanning

Do you want to easily access information, share data and preserve important business information? If yes, read on to find out how document scanning can help you.

Document scanning refers to the process, wherein a scanning device is used to capture images of paper documents and then store them in a digital format. If documents are scanned, they will never fade away, get worn out, torn or damaged. Moreover a digital document can be found without much effort. Document scanning is also quick as a scanner can scan images in a few seconds.

OCR scanning is one the most popular scanning methods, as it can scan both text and images and convert them into a digital format. No matter the language or size of your document, OCR has the capability to convert any paper document into Word, PDF, Text, HTML or XML. You can even make modifications or add comments to the scanned document.

Why use document scanning?

Outsourcing document scanning is worth the investment, as you can leverage many benefits. Here is a look at the advantages that you company can leverage by outsourcing document scanning:

  • Quick and accurate recording of paper documents into a digital format that is error-free
  • Fast and easy file retrieval, since a digital file can be quickly found
  • Versatile document storage, since document scanning can be used for text and images
  • Eliminate the need to buy file cabinets and save on storage space, as digital storage requires very less space
  • Quickly copy files to devices, email files or even share files within a few minutes

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What Sage Accounting Can Do For Your Enterprise?

From stock exchange giants to start-ups, Sage can bring in the best business accounting solutions. Read on to find out more.

Did you know that Sage has been voted as the number one finance and payroll software by over 800,000 enterprises in the UK? The versatility of sage has made it a popular choice for almost any organization, no matter the size or nature of the business.

Once you start using Sage, you will be in awe of its excellent features. You can keep a track of your money, import data, find out more about your business performance, submit online VAT returns, write recurring statements, run reports and even organize your finances. Recording payments and creating invoices too becomes a breeze with all your important information in one place.

Sage has something for everyone, whether you are looking for an accounting, bookkeeping, payroll or an all-in-one software. Here are six of the most popular software by Sage and how they can help your business.

1. Sage Instant Accounts Plus

If your business is small in size or new, then this bookkeeping software is for you. You can not only save hours on managing your finances and VAT, but also keep an accurate record of your bank accounts and control your stock/products with ease. Other features include, easy information storage, ability to track customer activity and identification of who owns you money.

2. Sage Instant Payroll

If you use Sage Instant Payroll, you can make accurate, on-time payments to your employees and also be assured that your business is compliant with the latest market legislations. The Sage Instant Payroll has the capability to use a flexible licence plan and work as per HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) standards.

3. Sage Act!

Have you always wished to get a bird’s eye view of your customer records? Now you can with Sage Act! With the software’s advanced social networking and mobile features, you can quickly view phone details, meeting notes, emails and even documents for each customer. By using this software you can even work with any popular web based productivity tool. Continue reading