8 Proven Techniques To Make Your Flyer Stand Out

Read this blog post to find out how you can make your flyer grab attention from prospective customers.

In today’s busy marketplace, a flyer is an effective and cost-effective way to grab attention. But how do you make your flyer stand out from the crowd? Here are some easy-to-use, yet effective techniques that professional designers use to make a flyer unique and attention-grabbing.

  1. Write snappy headlines/titles: Use powerful words to make your flyer unusual, memorable or provocative. Try to include words like Finally, Now You Can, Easy, Discover, Proven, How To or Free in your title to make it catchy.
  2. Use striking and colourful graphics: One large image can have a better impact than several small images. Support your story or capture a mood by use a stunning photo or illustration. Your image should be the focal point of the flyer and should draw attention. Today, it’s very easy to purchase high-quality stock photos from the internet.
  3. State the benefits of your product/service: Avoid using words like Us, We, I or Our. Instead focus on the customer and use words like You or Your to bring in the perspective of the customer. Showcase the benefits of your product or service by using words like New, Gurantee, Save, Free or Results. Instead of long paragraphs, use short bulleted text and list out benefits in a separate box.
  4. Organize with borders, areas, boxes and contrasting colors: Don’t make your flyer crowded with graphics and wall-to-wall text. Include white space, borders, contrasting colors or boxes to make your flyer stand out and easy-to-read.
  5. Make points identifiable: Highlight the subtitles and titles in your flyer by using a bold font. Avoid using only capital letters, as they are difficult to read.
  6. Keep it simple: Use only two typefaces and align items in your flyer within a grid. Avoid printing margins. An ideal layout would be with 1/2″ margins on all the sides.
  7. Proofread
    Ask someone else to proofread your work. Re-check the contact information that you have provided. Dial out the phone numbers on the flyer to make sure that it is correct. Type in the URL of the web addresses that you have provided.
  8. Offer discounts
    To make your flyer an instant hit, you can include a coupon on the bottom of the flyer. State the limitations and deadlines of the offer. If you want to use a mail-in coupon, include areas for the mailing address and credit card information.

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Six Reasons Why Companies Prefer to Outsource Their Data Center

Outsourcing data center services is ideal for companies that do not have the skills required for running a data center or for enterprises who are looking for a cost-competitive way of running their IT operations.

Did you know that 42% of companies in the United States have either fully or partially outsourced their data centers to India, while 28% are planning to do so within the next few months? (Source: A recent Gartner survey).

If your business enterprise is still deciding if outsourcing is for you, here are six reasons why most companies are preferring to outsource their data center operations to India: Continue reading

Why Your Real Estate Company Should Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a quick and inexpensive way to stage an empty property online. You can also attract more prospective buyers without having to waste time and energy on traditional staging.

As a real estate agent, you must be knowing that vacant homes stay longer on the market because most customers are unable to picture themselves in a house with empty floors or bare walls.  As per the recent research conducted by National Association of Realtors, over 90% buyers use the internet while searching for a home and 97% find images to be the most useful feature on a real estate broker’s website. With virtual staging services, you can unleash the full potential of every property that you are trying to sell.

Virtual staging is the process of taking digital photographs of empty rooms and then inserting rugs, furnishings and furniture into the image. This would help prospective customers visualize how a home would look like and will even enable them to emotionally connect to the house. With virtual staging, you will also have the freedom to upgrade kitchen appliances, change the color of the walls or even alter the flooring to show how the property will look when it is renovated. Continue reading

7 Advantages of Using A Content Management System (CMS)

Read this blog post to find out more about the advantages that you can leverage by using a content management system (CMS).

Are you wondering why you must use a content management system? For smarter, quicker and easier management of web pages, a content management system is a must.  The right CMS solution can not only help you save on cost, time and effort, but can also enable your team to easily update, edit or maintain any number of web pages.

Here are six advantages of using a content management system for your website:

1. Effortless, fast and easy content creation

With a CMS, you can add any number of new pages on to you website, without a lot of effort. In fact, your entire site can be effectively managed through an administration control panel, from where you can add new images, articles, polls or any other feature. The intuitive interface of a CMS makes the process of content creation fast, easy and effortless.

2. Web experience is not needed

At present, you may be having a team of web designers or developers to manage your site. With a CMS, you can opt to manage your site by yourself. The easy-to-use control panel makes it simple to manage everything from article management to the overall look and feel. Since web experience is not needed, you can manage you website by yourself in a cost-effective manner.

3. A searchable website

A content management system will make your entire site more searchable and thereby enable more online visitors to find your content fast. A search system on your own website, will save users the trouble of having to search through several static pages to find out the information they want. The search feature of a CMS is less frustrating and provides visitors with a better user experience. Continue reading