Why is Joomla the Best CMS for Your Startup?

If you own a startup and are seeking a budget friendly CMS (Content Management System) framework which can offer an open source and inexpensive alternative to other expensive proprietary frameworks, then Joomla CMS should be your first choice.

Currently, there are a number of CMS frameworks available in the market offering an array of attractive features, but Joomla, undoubtedly, is one of the best CMSs for creating affordable yet feature-rich websites. With support for myriad languages, it allows the developers to create SEO friendly websites with visually appealing designs, while maintaining a strong back-end.

Here are the top benefits offered by Joomla for supporting high-quality web development:

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7 Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing

Today, data is one of the most significant assets an organization can possess. Digitizing data either through document process automation or manual data entry provides an easy access to information while enhancing operational efficiencies. While most business firms across the globe acknowledge the significance of data in supporting their business operations, they do not have access to the necessary manpower for building and maintaining an information bank.

In order for business critical data to be captured and entered in a business application from a variety of different sources, qualified and experienced data entry operators are required who can accomplish the task efficiently. This is why, companies prefer to associate with data entry outsourcing providers who can enter and gather the data from diverse sources such as scanned invoices, product catalogs, scanned records, online research, images, charts etc.

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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India

India has become a leading outsourcing service provider and holds the foremost position in mobile app development. Outsourcing mobile app development to India helps companies scale down costs and get cost-effective access to a large pool of technically skilled developers, which has helped the country grow as a top outsourcing destination.

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6 Trends which will Dominate Outsourcing in 2016

2015 witnessed several changes in the outsourcing trends, and experts believe that 2016 will see a major shift in these trends for the outsourcing industry, worldwide. Some of these shifts will emphasize on leveraging newer technologies and methodologies while others will focus on quick deal making for faster time to market.

Here are the top 6 trends which will dominate the vast outsourcing industry in 2016:

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