Why Data Cleansing is an Absolute-Must for your Enterprise

Data about your market and customers are constantly changing. If you are still using last year’s data, you will not have a comprehensive, 360 degree view of your consumer. Find out how data cleansing can help your enterprise.

The data utilized for marketing a generation ago, was very limited in comparison to the data available today. With vast changes in the way data is captured and used, marketing has been completely revamped. However, simply owning and processing data will not automatically lead to efficient marketing. This is where the need for data cleansing arises.

Why must data be clean?

Duplicated, inaccurate or outdated data will not help in making optimal marketing decisions. Data about your market and customers are constantly changing. If you are still using last year’s data, you will not have a comprehensive, 360 degree view of your consumer. With inaccuracies in data, you will find it harder to track and nurture leads. In order to make the right decisions, you will need accurate, up-to-date data that is complete and free from duplicate entries. Investing in data cleansing can guarantee better marketing decisions.

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Why Your CPA Firm Should Outsource Bookkeeping?

By outsourcing bookkeeping, a CPA firm can leverage better flexibility, fewer errors, faster TAT and access to skilled accountants.

Today’s accounting industry is more competitive than ever for a CPA firm. If your CPA firm wants to stay ahead of the game, you will not only have to deliver a wide array of services with consistency and at a reasonable cost, but also be more flexible in your work schedule. Such heavy demands leave CPAs feeling exhausted, if they also have to deal with simple accounting tasks like payroll accounting, bookkeeping or managing tax returns. These tasks are not only time consuming, but are also not lucrative.

CPAs are loaded with a lot of responsibilities. From making sure that accounts are accurately depicted and supporting clients in setting up controls and compliance to increasing the ROI of their own business and cutting down the cash cycle, there is no rest for a CPA. To develop and sustain their firms, CPAs also have to adopt cost-cutting methodologies. Given the above circumstances, what do you think a CPA should do to manage everything efficiently, within tight cost and time constraints? Outsource bookkeeping? Yes, you got it right!

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7 Benefits of Outsourcing Remote IT Support

Is remote IT support the right choice for your business? Read the following seven benefits to find out how IT support services can be beneficial to your enterprise.

Are you wondering if remote IT support is something you must choose over on-site support? With the rapid changes in infrastructure and business requirements, your organization can stay ahead of technological developments and meet customer demands by outsourcing IT remote support. Here are seven key reasons, why outsourcing remote IT support is a good choice.

  1. Minimized costs

    If your business were to hire an in-house IT manager, you will have to pay for the cost of recruitment, additional company benefits and on-going training. However, this is expensive, as you have to find a way to deal with the periods of downtime, which result in the loss of productivity and staff trying to address problems they do not understand. With remote IT support, your small business can reduce cost by only paying a fixed monthly payment to an outsourcing service provider.

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Why Use a Perceptual Map?

Do you want to know where to position a new product/service in the market? You can now, with a position map. Read this blog post to find out why you must use a perceptual map.

Perceptual maps are a popular choice when it comes to developing a market positioning strategy for a product/service. A perceptual map is a market research technique, which is used to trace or plot a consumer’s views on a product. Since the maps are based on the perception of the buyer, they are known as perceptual maps.

These maps can show you how existing products/services are positioned in the market, so that your firm can decide where a product can be placed. You can position a product to fill a gap in the market or position it where competitors have placed their product.

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Raster Vs Vector Images: Which to Use?

Raster images are made up of several pixels, while vector images are made up of paths, created by a mathematical formula. Find out the primary difference between the two in this interesting blog post on raster and vector images.

Many designers, engineers, builders and architects want to know the difference between raster and vector? The answers you get may be as confusing as the names raster and vector. It is time to put a stop to the myths and misinformation and present you with the real difference between a raster and a vector image.

Understanding raster and vector images

A raster image is made up with pixels, each having a different color and arranged to display an image. On the other hand, a vector image is made up of paths, each with a mathematical formula that tells the path how it is to be shaped and what color it should be bordered or filled with. One key difference between the two is that a raster image will be unable to retain its appearance, once it size increases. However, vector images can retain their appearances, regardless of the size, since formulas are being used to specify how the image is to be rendered.

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