What Happens During Portrait Enhancement?

Go from ordinary to extraordinary portraits with portrait enhancement services

Do your clients want picture perfect images? If yes, what your studio needs is portrait enhancement services. In today’s world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that behind every astounding image, there is a lot of image enhancement. However, not everyone can transform an image. Photo enhancement involves niche techniques that requires the talent and expertise of trained professionals. The images taken by your photographers may not always get the approval of your clients. It is the enhancements that draw customers to your studio.

Through image enhancement, the problem areas of an image can be corrected and made presentable. With outsourcing, you can get access to affordable and high-end portrait enhancement services at a cost-effective price and without having to make any heavy investments.

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4 Animation Tips for a Great Looking Animation

Are you developing an animation? Use these four tips for creating an outstanding animation

Do you want to make great animations? If yes, what you need to understand is how an audience perceives a motion picture. Most of the time, an audience is not looking for something very dramatic, but something that stands out, without looking too silly, unrealistic or cartoonish. The trick to making quality animation is to tell your audience what your characters are trying to say without even the need for them to talk. The story should be understandable through the motion alone.

Here are four tips from the experienced team of animators at Outsource2india.

  1. Imitate life

    During animation, animators use references. At times, videos of real life things in action are used. For instance, you could take a video of people walking, running or doing an activity and try to copy the actions for the animated character. Try to use the subtle gestures and key poses which would normally pass your eyes. Use them in your key frames and then polish the motion in-between. Adopting references is a great way to incorporate real life motions into your animations.

  2. Avoid motion capture

    This tempting animation technique is quick, efficient and comes with great results. However, if your characters need motion, trying doing it by hand, before you opt for motion capture. There is a particular feel to hand-made animation that motion capture cannot exude.

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6 Do’s When Outsourcing Big Data Analytics

The trick in outsourcing big data, lies in finding the right partner and then working with them effectively. Read the six do’s to help with outsourcing big data analytics.

Did you know that managing big data is critical when it comes to improving your business value? However, most enterprises face challenges in managing data volume, data velocity and data variety. Such challenges have made mid to large enterprises look towards outsourcing services providers for big data support. The trick in outsourcing big data, lies in finding the right partner and then working with them effectively. Here are six do’s to help with outsourcing big data analytics.

  1. Adopt a testing mentality

    When outsourcing, take a pilot approach in your partnership. Beware of service providers asking you to place a big bet on a new system or commit to services for 12 long months. Before you promise any long-term commitments, find out what the vendor can actually offer you. Search for a third party provider who can integrate with your existing team and add value to what you are already pursing in big data.

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5 Reasons Why Video Editing Should Be Outsourced

Are your videos losing out on clicks, ratings and viewership? What you need is professional video editing services.

Every company of today is looking towards creating captivating videos that will fuel their brand image and leave their customers impressed. Videos are an important part of social media, HR and online marketing. Shooting a video is just one phase. If you want the video to be successful, equal attention has to be given to editing and packaging the content. Without the creation of a captivating video, your enterprise will lose out on clicks, ratings and viewership.

Video editing refers to the process of re-arranging footage, removing unwanted content, standardizing formats, sequencing the shots and making sure that the video is captivating. In the process of video editing, several components can be added, such as, music, sound, text headlines, special effects, voice overs, animations, transitions or creating tilting. Such enrichments can enhance the quality of your video.

Does outsourcing video editing sound like a new concept to you? Do you have an in-house team of video editors, but are still struggling with editing? What you need to try is outsourcing. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you must give outsourcing video editing a serious thought.

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