6 Benefits of Using Photogrammetry for Mapping and Surveying

If you are still using standard mapping and surveying methods, it is time to make the switch to photogrammetry. Here are 6 benefits of photogrammetry to convince you.

Photogrammetry refers to the process of taking measurements from photos, by analysing the surface points of an object. Once the measurements of a series of overlapping images are taken, a computer software is used to stitch the images together, not just as a 2D image, but also as a 3D model. These models/images are used to measure areas, lengths and volumes of structures and other points of interest. The term photogrammetry is the combination of the words “photo” and “meter”. It simply means the measurements taken from photographs.

Today, photogrammetry has become a much sought-after surveying and mapping technique that is used for site planning, topographic mapping, earthwork volume estimation and image-based mapping to name a few. Reliable information about physical objects and the complete environment is taken into account. Terrestrial and aerial photographs are taken and then recorded, measured and evaluated.

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What Can Web Design Do for Your Business?

A good web design can help you to clearly communicate your message, cut through the marketing chatter and arrange information for the precise market that your business wants to reach. Read this blog post to find out what web design can do for your business and why investing in it is an absolute must.

Do you know that web design is an important marketing tool? Yes, it is. This is because your business website has the power to communicate to prospective customers about what your business does differently from others. Opting for a very simple layout or a default theme can be a dampener for customers visiting your home page for the very first time. Good web design can result in a well-built homepage that customers want to stay on, rather than drift away to another site.

Creating a professionally built website is not only beneficial for your business, but an absolute must if you want to stand out from your competitors. You must understand that prospective customers are constantly googling you, searching for your contact information on your website and comparing your website to other competitors to understand who can meet their needs.

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11 Sure Signs That Show Your Business Requires Transcription Services

Does your business need transcription? Read this blog post to find out 11 signs that show you that your business does require transcription.

If you own a business and want to stay competitive, then what you need are transcription services. Why? Because business transcription can help your business in multiple ways and increase your ROI like never before. If you are still not convinced, look for the signs that tell you that your business requires transcription services.

Here are eleven signs that show you that your business needs transcription services.

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5 Ways Medical Coding Can Benefit your Hospital

From reduced cost, to increase in accuracy and huge cost savings, read this blog post to find out how outsourcing medical coding can benefit your hospital in five different ways.

Medical coding is not only demanding, but also a challenging task for busy medical practices. Today several hospitals and private healthcare practices choose to outsource medical coding, in order to steer clear of problems like under-coding and over-coding, which could result in claims getting rejected. Not only is outsourcing a practical business management decision for most practices struggling with in-house medical coding, it can also bring in several other significant benefits. Here are five ways outsourcing medical coding can benefit your hospital/practice.

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