FAQs on Syndicated Research

Syndicated research is the best choice for enterprises that want to reap the benefits of market research within a budget. This type of research can help growing businesses stay updated about emerging market trends, product usage or customer behavior. Read this blog post on the FAQs on syndicated research to understand more.

The research funded by a market research company and then made available in the open market for any business that wishes to purchase it is known as syndicated research. The results of syndicated research are provided in the form of raw data, presentations or reports. In syndicated research, the scope and problem of the research is formulated by the market research enterprise based on their methodology and experience. Hence, syndicated research will often need refinement before usage.

Let us explore the frequently asked questions about syndicated research like why it is conducted, who should use it, when to use it and what is the use of this type of research.

1. Why is syndicated research carried out?

Market research companies carry out syndicate research for various purposes like

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Opt for Cloud Accounting

With cloud accounting services, updating your accounts is now as easy as updating your Facebook status. Find out five reasons why your business should choose cloud accounting over desktop accounting.

With cloud technology revolutionizing our day-to-day lives, it is time to leverage the benefits of cloud accounting for our business as well. The cloud-based accounting software that are available today offers the reliability and functionality of your desktop software, along with several additional benefits that only online accounting can offer. Is your business looking for an efficient way to handle your financial transactions? If yes, here are five reasons to consider making the shift towards cloud accounting.

  1. Collaborate and share data easily
    When your accounts are based on the cloud, working with colleagues and sharing data with your advisors becomes extremely easy. The limited access to accounts, which desktop accounting offers can make collaboration with advisers and colleagues cumbersome. For instance, if your accountant required some specific numbers, you would have to email it or copy the information to a USB stick and courier it. With online accounting, everyone can access the same numbers instantly from any location. This makes collaboration and sharing easy.
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Physical Prototyping Vs. Virtual Prototyping: Which Should You Choose?

Virtual prototyping enables faster time to market, quicker software development and increase in functionality throughout the supply chain. Read this blog post to compare physical prototyping with virtual prototyping.

Today engineering simulation has been quickly replacing traditional testing techniques. This shift is a welcoming one as virtual prototyping offers a lot of advantages over physical prototyping. Should your engineering enterprise choose virtual prototyping over physical prototyping? Let us find out by evaluating the pros and cons of physical prototyping and virtual prototyping.

Physical prototyping

One of the oldest product development practices is to produce multiple physical prototypes and then test them. Although there are benefits, rapid prototyping can be impossible, inefficient or even impractical. This is especially true for early concept models where quick and frequent changes are required. Virtual prototyping would be far more useful and cost-efficient in such cases. Even during later product development stages, where there would be a lot of reviewing and refining, physical prototypes will prove to be expensive and time-consuming.

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How to Attract Customers with A Striking Signage

Enterprises often ignore the significance of designing a memorable signage that would capture the attention of customers. Is your business not leveraging the power of a well-designed signage that could draw customers to you business? If yes, read this blog post to find out how a carefully designed signage can be used to your advantage.

It is a proven fact that signage and graphics can be used to grab the attention of customers towards a business. Research has shown that a well-designed signage is an effective marketing strategy to make prospective customers notice your company.

A vast majority of your customers would come to know about your business while passing by your signage. While you could choose to place the signage on the roadside or inside a store, the key is to place it at a strategic location. Several times, a customer would look at a brilliantly designed signage and then decide to make a purchase. In fact, a signage is so important, that you should include it in your marketing plans.

Here, we show you how to come up with a winning signage:

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