3 Benefits of Hiring A Universal Agent

Universal agents are equipped to do everything – right from confirming the identity of the customers, to accessing their purchase history, and going through the troubleshooting process. Find out how hiring a super agent can keep your customers happy.

Let just imagine that you bought a smartphone from a acclaimed tech brand, but found out it was not working quite right. You immediately make a call to the company, expecting a long customer service process where you will be bounced from one call center agent to another before you finally find the right person who can address your issue. However, you are quickly connected to a friendly and intelligent agent who calmly assures you that your problem will be resolved. The agent is able to do everything- right from confirming your identity, to accessing your purchase history and walking you through the process of troubleshooting.

In the case that it does not work, the agent quickly switches gears and initiates some back-end tech support that will be able to restore your smartphone to working order. The agent also offers you a pro membership at a 50% off. You had it mind to upgrade, so you accept the agent’s offer. Contrary to what you thought, there were no long hold times and zero transfers. Your issue gets resolved in under 10 minutes. The confident and courteous approach of the super agent made the time fly by and you were also able to save money by taking the special offer.

What just happened? You were assisted by a universal agent.

Who is a universal agent?

A universal or super agent is a trained customer service professional who is trained to handle almost any issue that a customer might have. Right from basic problem solving to sales or advanced tech support a super agent is trained to handle everything. Apart from being trained tech experts, super agents are also trained with adequate soft skills so as to be able to be empathetic people pleasers.

Super agents can delight customers by solving their entire problem and not just a specific part. Super agent services also open the door to tiered levels of support, which gives enterprises the opportunity to add more value to standard service offerings. Super agents are currently in trend and are much sought after in the world of business.

Here are the top three benefits of hiring a universal agent.

  1. Steep increase in efficiency

    Customer service departments often work by following segmentation strategies. For instance, when a customer calls up the contact center, they will be connected to a specific team according to their method of contact, their need, their buying habit or their geographic location. Though this approach can help with personalization, it can cause other complications. The call center agents within each category will be specifically trained, but they may be less likely to provide assistance if the caller’s issue falls outside their scope of expertise. Another issue is that customers will be repeatedly transferred between different departments. Enterprise may also have to put specific software platforms for ach channel in order to support the segmentation.

    This problem can be resolved with the help of super agents. The entire process can be simplified and made more efficient. The internal team of agents will no longer have to be separated as per their expertise. Instead, every agent will be equipped with the skills to handle most of the issues faced by customers.

    The smoother approach offered by super agents makes all the difference when it comes to customer support. Research has increasingly showed that customers are now choosing a seamless user experience and accessibility over brand preferences. This shows that any enterprise that offers super agents along with their customer support will be a step ahead of the rest.

  2. Enhanced first contact resolution

    As per a recent report by SQM, over 86% of customers want their issues to be resolved on the very first call. Every subsequent call placed by the customer is reported to minimize the customer satisfaction level of the customer by a whopping 15%. With the help of super agents, this problem can be resolved, as a super agent will be able to resolve a wide range of customer issues. A customer will not have to ask “ Can I speak with a manager?” because the super agent has the same authority and access like a manager or team lead. These universal agents are the first and the last line of defense. They are endowed with the capability to streamline the customer journey and increase the first contact resolution in the process.

  3. Improved customer services

    Since super agents have extensive experience and knowledge that ranges from IT skills to sales expertise, they are more likely to resolve customer issues quickly, sometimes just within a few minutes, instead of days.

    Although fast response time can keep customers satisfied and happy in the short term, it takes more that quick customer support to win a customer over for good. This is where super agents can come in handy. Since they are masters of soft skills, universal agents come equipped with great manners and eloquent speech. They are taught how to empathize with the customer and address issues with a positive attitude that eases and assures the customer. At the end of a call, the customer is always left with a positive experience.

    This type of emotional customer support can turn customers into advocates. When customers are left with a memorable and personalized experience, they are three times more likely to recommend a service/product to others. They will also most likely become repeat customers.

Use super agent services to keep your customer happy and loyal

Investing in universal agents can give your customers a precise and personalized approach. Super agents are the key to meet the high expectations of your customers and to keep them loyal to your brand for life. Why not invest in super agent services today? At Outsource2india, we can help you with super agent services. Our super agents are specifically trained to offer optimum customer care within the shortest possible time. Whether it is lead generation, fund raising or telemarketing, our universal agents can efficiently handle any type of customer support that you are looking for. Find out more about outsourcing super agent services and give your business a head start.

Did you like reading this post? Do you think that super agents can make an impact on your customers? Let us know what you think about hiring super agents in the comments below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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