4 Statistics that Prove the Value of Outsourcing Content Writing

Do you want to know why your enterprise should outsource content writing? Here are 4 statistics from recent research that prove the point.

As your enterprise climbs up the corporate ladder, the importance of content creation becomes all the more pronounced. It’s an assumption that you will receive the same results by developing content in-house as opposed to outsourcing content writing to a team of professionals. This is simply not true.
With this thought in mind, let’s examine four statistics (as per recent research) that prove the value-add that comes with outsourcing content writing services.

1. Only 42% of business marketers think they are effective at creating any kind of content

Though “content is king”, only a small number of marketers believe they understand what is needed to create effective content. This definitely indicates a huge need for professional writing services. Without knowing about content writing, it can be difficult to develop useful content that creates good results.

A skilled content writing agency can understand which type of content can perform better in which type of industry. A content writing company can help a business decipher how to position their content and what changes the content should go through to be as efficient as possible. This can be of great value to a company that is looking to boost its effectiveness and develop a better content strategy.

2. Over 60% of marketers develop at least a single piece of content on a daily basis

It is important to put this statistic in perspective. Even a simple blog post of around 1000 words can take up several hours, considering it has to be written down, proof-read, filled with visuals and quality links, checked for facts, proof-read again and published. There would also be the follow-up work of interacting with followers and replying to the comments posted on the blog entry. Good content requires time and effort. At times, even a single piece of content a day, can be an overwhelming chore for marketers.

When you outsource your content creation, though, you get the blissful feeling that comes with knowing your content creation is taken care of, which in turn gives you the freedom to focus on core business issues. However, when companies outsource content writing, they know that their content is being take care of right from start to finish. If your company is growing at a fast pace, or you just don’t have time for quality content creation, you can save yourself time and effort through outsourcing. The best part about outsourcing is that you don’t have to sacrifice on quality.

3. 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing

Companies that are not yet into content marketing are missing out on one of the biggest trends in the industry. Through content marketing, users can be provided with authoritative, relevant and unique content that does not force them to make any change or buy anything. However, marketers need help while trying out content marketing. This is where quality content writing services can help. A team of professional content writers can help you understand the value of copywriting and determine the approach which your company should take. This will eliminate the guesswork and make the transition to content marketing smooth and effortless.

4. 86% of companies that are ranked as “highly effective” have used outsourcing

Content is critical to success in today’s web-based environment, and the best organizations out there know this. Go to the top of virtually any major business today and you’ll find someone whose sole job is to manage content. Quality content is critical for success in this current web-based business environment. Go to any major business today and you will find someone whose job is to only manage the content. This only proves that outsourcing is indeed a smart move. Since the demand for content increases as the company grows, outsourcing content writing is an effective way to make sure that your content is in tune with the growth of your company.

While it is true that the decision to outsource content writing is not for everyone, it is definitely a smart and useful move for enterprises who want to grow rapidly and continue to serve their customers, without sacrificing on quality. Whether rapid growth has outraced your content writing abilities or you wish to take content creation to the next level, outsourcing content writing is the best move you can make for your enterprise.

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