4 Ways Translation Services Can Transform Your Business

Translation services is not only about communication. Outsourcing translation services can transform your business in 4 unique ways. Read this blog post to find out how translation services can transform your business.

Communication does not only mean being able to give a moving sales pitch or writing a well-worded e-mail. It also means using good translation services for your written, audio and video content. Your business can thrive with business translation services. Let us discuss four ways by which translation can help transform your business.

  1. Translation can engage with a customer’s emotions

    Did you know that customers who are emotionally connected with a product /business are more loyal? Yes, this is true, as per a recent Harvard Business Review study. If your business wants to connect with customers on an emotional level, you must communicate to them in their first language. A few marketing studies have shown that customers see it as a sign of respect when you market your products/services to them in their first language. Studies have also revealed that 72% of international customers spend their time online by visiting websites in their own language. This is why translation services is an absolute must.

  2. Website translation can increase SEO

    Search engine optimization or SEO is a huge part of doing business online. Ensuring that your website reaches the top of search engine results, means that more people will be able to find your business. Translation services can make your SEO stronger. Creating a new page for each language will allow the creation of more backlinks. Since SEO is all about attracting more prospective customers, it makes perfect sense to translate your business website into as many languages as needed by your target audience. Through website translation, you can be sure of sharing effective and useful information with your customers, apart from attaining high quality backlinks.

  3. Translation aids accessibility

    Several businesses use online videos in their online marketing campaigns. However, if you include closed captioning in your target audience’s language, more customers will be able to benefit from your content. Similarly, including transcriptions for your audio podcasts can widen the reach of your audience. Translation services can not only boost your SEO, but also improve the loyalty of your brand. Through translation, you can be assured of a broader reach of your customers.

  4. Translation can increase YouTube viewership

    Today YouTube has become a widely used marketing tool for global companies. YouTube has become an easy way for companies to boost brand recognition, create conversations with customers and establish their enterprise. If you use video translations and closed captions for your videos, you can connect with your customers in their first language.

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What do you think is the biggest hurdle while communicating with customers who speak another language? Do you think translation service can help you overcome the hurdles of marketing services/products to international customers? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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