5 Benefits of Audio Transcription

Using audio transcripts can give your enterprise more than one benefit. Not only are audio transcripts easy to use and share, but can also come in handy during important decision making. Find out the top five benefits of audio transcription.

Gone are the days when the words “transcribe” and “transcription” referred to a court reporter who would produce a written transcript of the words spoken in a court hearing. Today, transcriptions have moved out of the courtroom and are used across varied fields. If your enterprise is not using audio transcription, then you are definitely missing out on some benefits. Here are five benefits of using audio transcription services.

  1. Easy way to distribute information

    While you can share information in the audio format, it is difficult to access and use such files, as and when you need them. This is not the case with audio transcriptions. With an audio transcript in hand, you can read them in PDF or .doc formats and even print them out. The versatility of audio transcripts make it easy to use and share on an anytime, anywhere basis.

  2. Quick knowledge transfer

    If you were to hold a meeting or a conference, there may be a few of your team members who will not be able to attend. These resources would miss out on everything that was discussed. How do you keep these absent resources on track? This is where an audio transcription can help you. All you have to do is get a transcription of the recording and simply send it over to the executives who missed the meeting. With audio transcriptions, knowledge transfer can be both quick and easy.

  3. Get more viewers

    With video blogging and advertising becoming more and more popular, it is a good idea to add subtitles to your videos. By including subtitles, your viewers can double check what is being said in the video, in case they did not catch a specific word or misheard it. Your viewers will also be able to watch the video on mute, if they do not have their headphones with them. Including subtitles in your video with the help of audio transcription is a great way to drastically improve the traffic of your YouTube channel.

  4. Get the full text as opposed to incomplete notes

    There are times when having the original text is more important than a few notes. For instance, the original word-to-word text can play an integral role in official proceedings and may even serve as a legal document. It is also becoming popular for sermons and therapy sessions to include the full word-to-word text, as it is more useful than the notes.

  5. Easy to use

    When you are carrying out a research or writing a dissertation, it may get quite difficult to track the information down from audio files. Audio transcriptions is not only a good way to store information, it also allows you to quickly search the document for keywords and copy and paste the required data from the transcript into another file or document.

  6. Now that you are aware about the benefits of using audio transcription, why not try it for yourself and see? Outsource audio transcription services right away.

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