5 Benefits of Getting a Fluid Oil Analysis

Did you know that a regular oil analysis could give you valuable insight into the operating levels of your machines? Without investing in consistent and proper fluid oil analysis, you will simply be leaving the efficiency of your equipment to chance. Since lubrication plays such an important role in keeping your plant running at its best, it is critical to ensure proper care of your lubrication system, so that your plant’s operations run seamlessly.

Statistics have shown that improper lubrication can lead to, mechanical failures, equipment failures, roller bearing damage or bearing failures to name a few. Investing in fluid oil analysis can help you avoid forthcoming failures and keep your equipment in the best possible shape. Whether it is detecting coolant leaks or fuel to evaluating additive levels, an oil analysis can help in preventing failures and breakdowns.

Here are the top five benefits of getting an oil analysis.

  1. Get a detailed breakdown of your lubrication performance
    Getting an oil analysis can give you access to a detailed breakdown of the performance of your lubrication system. The fluid oil analysis can pinpoint problem areas that are based on the containment type and show you what problems may come up from the contamination. While metals like iron and aluminum can indicate a cylinder or piston damage, water and antifreeze leaks can put a strain on the whole machine.
  2. Find out about problems before they occur
    Finding out that an issue will occur with your equipment, much ahead of time can help you save on money and time. With a fluid oil analysis, you can get in in-depth view of the lubricant in your machinery. Oil testing can help you identify small issues before they magnify into big problems. There are specific types of wear and tear in an equipment that can be detected through oil analysis. There are certain types of wear in your equipment that can be detected only through oil analysis. Fluid oil analysis can help you pinpoint problem areas and help you save big on cost and time.
  3. Lesser downtime and repairs
    Most of the big problems of machinery start small, but grow worse over time. Big problems often require extensive repairs and significant downtime. With your plant not functioning at its full capacity, your business will not be earning at its full potential either. With regular fluid oil analysis, high levels of wear that signal the breaking down of internal parts can be quickly detected. Particle counts, viscosity and additive levels can all be checked. Whether it is outside contaminants or internal issues like wear of machinery or coolant leaks, oil analysis can give you prior notice of such malfunctions. By analyzing the lubricants in your machinery, you can catch issues earlier and fix problem areas efficiently and quickly without having to spend on extensive repairs.
  4. Ensure longer lasting equipment
    With regular maintenance and checkup, you can increase the useful life of your equipment and improve the productivity of your plant’s operations. Fluid oil analysis services can not only help you prevent large bills or the loss of production, but it can also accelerate the overall operating status of your equipment and make your machinery last longer. With your equipment functioning better and lasting longer, you will have to deal with fewer repairs over the lifespan of your equipment. You can also benefit from higher efficiency and lesser replacements. Such benefits can help you move your business forward without delays and help you save on cost.
  5. Big cost savings
    Regular fluid oil analysis can help your machinery and business run smoothly. Facing fewer repairs and improving your operating efficiency can all affect your margin in a positive manner. Establishing a routine oil analysis program can help you save on money by avoiding high-cost repairs and component replacements. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving cost, and fluid oil analysis services can help you achieve that.

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