5 Benefits of Getting a Spend Analysis Report

You probably might be having a fair idea of where your money is going and how much you are currently spending on rent, utilities and salaries. But to actually know how much your business spends and to cut back on cost you would need a spend analysis report.

What am I spending money on? Who am I spending the money with? Where is my money going? How do I better optimize my baseline? Are you asking yourself these questions? You may know how much your business spends on software, rent, utilities, salaries and coffee too. But all of this is only a part of the big picture. To know how much your business actually spends and to cut down on specific costs, you would need a spend analysis report.

A spend analysis report can show you what’s actually happening with your business’s cash, all of which is based on facts, rather than intuition. A spend analysis will not only help you understand how much your business spends, but also help you find actionable insights and help you make adequate changes. A spend analysis report can show you unidentified payments that you didn’t know about, redundancies that you were unaware of and suppliers who would re-negotiate. At the end of the process, you will be left with a report that includes your recommendations for the right people who can start taking immediate action.

  1. Better spend visibility
    A spend analysis report can not only help you understand how much your company is spending, but also help you figure out where exactly you are spending this money. With a spend analysis, you can have a clear picture of your cash flow and make informed business decisions.
  2. Identification of savings opportunities
    If you want to reduce cost, there is nothing better than getting a spend analysis. With concise data in hand, you can come up with a doable savings pipeline that can help you achieve your goals. An added bonus of a spend analysis is that you would be able to better forecast your savings for future years, quarters or months.
  3. Build a baseline
    A spend analysis can help you identify purchase trends and come up with a baseline for spending within each category. You would be able to track future trends against the baseline. Setting up a baseline is a good way to keep your spending in check.
  4. Gain insights
    With a spend analysis report; you can better understand your current market conditions along with spend analysis and category management. You will be able to come up with better supplier strategies and prospective savings opportunities.
  5. Opportunities for leverage
    Get access to the information required to negotiate better with your suppliers. Using accurate historical spend data for each supplier can place your procurement team in a better position when you negotiate for contract renewals.

At Outsource2inida, we have extensive experience in developing spend analysis reports for enterprises from diverse industries. With our spend analysis services you can find opportunities to reduce costs, get access to precise financial reports, view accurate spend forecasts, spot fraudulent/unacceptable spending, manage risk and diversify vendors. With Outsource2india’s spend analysis services, you can be sure of increased cost savings, improved compliance, better decision making, better contract management, accurate analysis of all spends, improved supply management and real-time visibility into all your indirect spend. Find out more about Outsource2india’s spend analysis services.

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