5 Big Benefits of Data Migration to the Cloud

More and more small and large companies are migrating to the cloud for financial and operational reasons. Read this blog post to learn about the key benefits you can get by migrating your data to the cloud.

Did you know that opting for data migration to the cloud is like moving to a more spacious and functional home? It is a complete win-win. Not only can you save on expensive infrastructure, but you can also scale up on storage as much as you want, without putting your IT team to work on your service maintenance.

Let us explore the benefits of opting for data migration to the cloud.

  1. Increase in speed and performance
    Do you find your applications and services suffering due to the increase in traffic that they obtain daily? Are you finding it difficult for you to scale up your internal resources to address the demand or migrate your applications to the cloud? If yes, you can get rid of these concerns through data migration to the cloud. Your customers will be satisfied with the quick deployment and implementation of your applications. Cloud services of today are developed in such a way as to place servers with resources on demand that will immediately adapt to your requirements without having to invest on expensive infrastructure.
  2. Security without complex infrastructure hassles
    If your enterprise is struggling with how to employ complex infrastructure for the services that you have to deploy, migrating to cloud would be a sure benefit. Services in the cloud will be in charge of monitoring prospective failures in applications or possible interruptions during the working of virtual machines. Your business will be able to make big savings in terms of time and money as your IT team need not worry about system upgrades, periodic maintenance etc. Cloud computing will take over the administrative work needed to maintain your apps and data in the cloud. Cloud providers can keep unwanted traffic out of your machines where data and apps are stored. They can also keep you up-to-date with the latest system security updates, so you need not worry about any threats.
  3. Leverage autoscaling options
    Data migration can also bring economic benefits through autoscaling. With this option, your business can increase the services they need at any given time. You can also switch this feature off if you don’t require it. This means that your business will be charged only for the period when you actually use these additional services. Your business will no longer have to keep additional machines continuously running to deal with sudden traffic spikes.
  4. 24/7 data backup
    With data backup to the cloud, you will get access to logging services, backups and monitoring services. This is very useful especially if you need to carry out a disaster recovery. With backups in the cloud, you can place your system and your data back into operation immediately and your business will be able to quickly find out what caused the failure.
  5. Better flexibility
    With data migration to the cloud, your IT team will not have to worry about staying in one place to update services, deploy or fix problems around virtual machines. Since the cloud facilitates consistency of processes and execution, your IT team can collaborate much better, thereby offering better flexibility.

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Did you like reading this post? Would you consider outsourcing data migration? Let us know your queries and concerns by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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