5 Data Mining Techniques You Don’t Know About

Read this blog post to find out more about 5 data mining techniques and how they can help your business.

With digitization taking over the world of business, we are surrounded with big data, but are starving for knowledge. Having all of this data is creating a lot of noise and making it difficult for organizations to mine important knowledge from a ton of amorphous data. The only way to gain benefits from this ton of data is to use data mining. Did you know that there is a specific data mining technique to use for each data mining business problem? Understanding the type of business dilemma that you are trying to resolve can help you choose the data mining technique that will give you the best results.

Here are five data mining techniques that can help you avail optimal results for your business:

  1. Classification analysis

    This data mining technique is used to retrieve relevant and important information about data and metadata. By using this data mining technique, different data can be quickly classified into different classes. Each data record will be carefully segmented into different segments known as classes, hence the term classification analysis. In this technique, algorithms will be created and applied to decide how new data should be classified.

  2. Association rule learning

    This data mining technique can help you identify interesting relations between different variables in a large database. By using this technique, you can find some hidden patterns in the data and spot variables in the data. This technique is used to identify interesting relations between different relations in a large database. By using this data mining technique, data mining experts can find hidden patterns in the data and spot the variables within the data. The concurrence of different variables that appear frequently in a dataset can also be identified. Association rules are extremely useful for examining and forecasting customer behavior.

  3. Anomaly or outlier detection

    This data mining technique is used to observe data items in a dataset that do not match an expected pattern or an expected behavior. Anomalies can offer critical and actionable information to enterprises. An anomaly refers to an item that considerably deviates from the common average within a dataset or from a combination of data. These items will be statistically aloof when compared with the rest of the data and will indicate that something out of the ordinary has happened and needs immediate attention. This data mining technique can be used across a variety of domains such as fraud detection, intrusion detection and system health monitoring to name a few. Data mining experts often use this technique to remove anomalous data from a dataset in order to discover results with an increased accuracy.

  4. Clustering analysis

    A cluster refers to a collection of data objects that are similar within the same cluster. This means that the objects are similar to one another in the same group, but they are dissimilar and unrelated to the objects in other clusters. This data mining technique is used to discover clusters and groups in the data in a way that the association of two given objects are the highest if they belong to the same group and lowest if otherwise. Data mining experts use the results of clustering analysis to create customer profiling.

  5. Regression analysis

    Regression analysis is a data mining technique that refers to the process of identifying and evaluating the relationship among variables. This data mining technique is used to understand the characteristic value of dependent variable changes, if an independent variable is varied. This data mining technique is used for prediction and forecasting.

These five data mining techniques can help enterprises evaluate different data from varied perspectives. The information gained from these techniques can be effectively used to resolve a wide range of business problems and can help organizations to increase revenue, reduce cost and guarantee customer satisfaction. At Outsource2india, we offer customized data mining services to enterprises across the globe. Our team of data mining professionals can mine data from websites, social media, white pages and online resources. As our outsourcing partner, you can avail data mining services that are cost-effective, accurate and always delivered on time. Find out how our data mining services can make a difference.

Which data mining technique do you think your enterprise needs? Let us know your questions, views and suggestions by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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