5 Essential Ingredients of a Successful Digital Advertising Strategy

With digital advertising becoming a must-have for business, there is a growing need for professional advertising services that can ensure higher conversion rates. Read this blog post to find out the five essential ingredients of a winning digital advertising strategy.

Do you want to create a winning digital advertising strategy, but don’t know where to begin? The best way to approach your digital advertising plan is to base it on your individual goal. However, there are a few essential ingredients that must be added to churn out a successful advertising strategy. What should be a part of your advertising plan and what should be avoided? Let us have a detailed look at it.

  1. Chart out a workable framework
    Start by mapping out a plan. The best way to do this is to include content maps, timelines, and editorial calendars. Chart out a set of key performance indicators that are related to your goals and strategy. It is important to come up with several ideal outcomes while still leaving space for creativity. Without having metrics to base your strategy on, you could steer off track and not reach your goal. Once you have come up with a process, make it as simple as possible and set up a clear timeframe so that you and your team can stay focused and achieve your goal.
  2. Pinpoint appropriate KPIs
    Start by finding the right metrics to focus on in order to achieve your end results. Choose KPIs that represent key target areas that focus on your advertising actions. Make sure each KPI is related to your goal and what you are measuring is related to actual user experience. Identifying appropriate KPIs will ensure a winning digital advertising strategy on the whole.
  3. Use effective content
    Content is a lot more than a tweet, a blog, or an ad. To make the most of your content you not only have to get creative but stay abreast with the latest in technology and choose the best method of getting to your audience. Your digital advertising strategy should center on a campaign that is of high quality and value. To achieve this, start by building your ads around your core service offerings and then come up with SEO-rich content and CTAs that would lead your customers towards a purchase. Make sure your content is relevant, relatable, and useful to your consumers.
  4. Build an effective sales funnel
    The key to a successful digital advertising is building a sales funnel which outlines the phases of a buyer’s journey. Create a step-by-step outline of each phase of a buyer’s journey. Start with an outreach (ads, marketing content, infographics, etc.), next try conversion (blog posts, social media, quizzes, etc.). Once this is done, you have to invest on closing (questionnaires, emails, or reviews) and finally you can end with retention (surveys, contests, emails, offers, etc.). With a great digital advertising plan, you can bring in customers at every phase of the sales funnel and enjoy a high percentage of conversions.
  5. Make the plan flexible
    In your overall plan, leave room for flexibility. Leaving blank spots on your timeline can help you incorporate things (current events, viral articles, new offers, etc.) as you go with your advertising strategy. However, you have to continually monitor and check your advertising plan by analyzing if there is room for improvement, if your KPIs are relevant, and which tools are working well. At the end, you can compare your actual results with the expected results so that when you create a new strategy you will understand what works and what doesn’t.

To set up an effective digital marketing strategy, you have to have a good understanding of project management, a solid vision of your plan, and a strategy that focuses on your customers and your brand. If advertising seems too much of a chore to you or is not one of your core skills, why not consider outsourcing?

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Did you like reading this post? What do you think is the most essential ingredient of a digital advertising strategy? Let us know in the comments below. We, at Outsource2india, love to hear from you!

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