5 Handy Mobile Apps for Managing your Business

If you are the manager of a small or medium sized business, you will know the pressures that come with running a business. Business meetings, conferences, luncheons and off-site trips can keep you in and out of the office and country. With the gears of business never slowing down, how do you keep a track of things? Now, you can keep a tab on your day-to-day events even on the go, with the following five handy easy-to-use mobile apps. All you need is your tablet or Smartphone and you are good to go:

Read important reports /presentations on the go

You receive a customer presentation or an important report on your Smartphone, but you can’t get a good look at it until you reach the office. What do you do? In such situations, you can take the help of box.net. This handy app can open PDFs, documents and media on your phone. Moreover, it also allows on-phone collaboration. The best thing about this app, is that you can monitor changes, assign edits and make changes on the go. Other great apps that can help you read your reports, include, GoodReader, Dropbox, iWork, Roambi, Quickoffice and Documents To Go.

Organize your travel

Do you often find yourself having to attend a minimum of 9 meetings, spread across different cities, in just five days? If yes, then it’s time you downloaded TripIt. All you have to do is upload all your hotel, rental car and flight information and leave the rest to TripIt. This app will give you back information about your arrival/departure, directions to your hotel and the mileage that you have to cover to get to your next meeting. This app will get automatically updated, when you forward your confirmation emails. TripIt even works offline and costs $1.99.

Record your ideas

You are waiting to catch your plane and navigating through the security line, when you all of a sudden come up with a brilliant idea on how to resolve a difficult issue that has been keeping your project at a standstill. With the Evernote app, you can ensure that you keep a hold of your thoughts, whether you choose to type, take a picture or add a not from a webpage. This clever app can capture your ideas and organize it with your other revelations. Since Evernote stores everything in the cloud, you can easily access your musings and notes, once you get to your laptop. Other handy idea-recording apps include Dragon Dictation and SimpleNote.

Stay in touch with the office

You have several projects to attend to, but you have to travel across the country in order to attend a business conference and seminar. What do you do? You use Basecamp to keep everyone in your team on the same page. This app can help you post a new task, mark other tasks as completed and even add new milestones. There is also a concise dashboard to show where you and your team stand on any given project. Encamp is a similar app that you can consider using.

Handle your receipts with ease

Are you losing a lot of money because of not keeping a track of all your receipts? Expensify is a free mobile app that can sync your credit card transaction with receipts that are scanned by your Smartphone’s camera. If you have a lot of driving to do, it can track your mileage and create an exportable summary report that can be easily synced with Google Docs, QuickBooks and even other Expensify users. While individual use of this mobile app is free, if you want to sync it across employees, it would only cost $5 a month. Cashbook and Handy Expense are other mobile apps that you can also try.

What is your favorite on-the-go mobile app? Let us know.

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