5 Key Benefits of Transcribing your Videos

Getting transcripts for your videos is a great way to increase user experience, improve SEO, broaden your reach and accommodate more users. Read this blog post to find out about the five key benefits of getting your videos transcribed.

Did you know that every day, over hundreds of millions of hours of videos are watched by over a billion online users across the world? Yes, it’s true. From simple how-to videos to detailed product review videos, the consumers of today are using videos as their primary source of entertainment and informational requirements. This is why it is no surprise that the popularity of online videos has catapulted exponentially in the past few years, with no indication of it subsiding. Whether you are a leading enterprise, a video blogger or a marketing professional, getting your video supplemented with a transcript, is an easy way to increase the value of your content.

Here are some key reasons why you must consider transcribing your videos before posting them online.

  1. Increase user experience
    By making the text from your video content available, you can be sure to increase the usability and enhance the user experience of your users. You will also be giving your users a choice of listening to, reading or watching your content. When you offer your audience with such options, you are empowering them to use your information, share it with others and even engage with you. You could even opt for interactive transcripts. As the videos play, a user can search and then navigate by clicking on a word to move to the exact moment when that particular word was spoken in the video. Such interactive transcripts make it very easy to follow along, refer to a specific point and even to absorb all the information.
  2. Expand search engine optimization efforts
    The video you worked on is now complete and you wish to share it with the world. But just before you do that, there is one thing you should know. Search engines are not equipped to properly “read” audio and video files, thereby making it quite difficult for them to find your creation. However, there is a simple solution for that. Getting your media transcribed enables search engine spiders to read the full text of your content, thereby getting it adequately indexed. Transcription will make your content searchable and will also drive traffic to your website. There are also multiple uses of a transcript. You can drop the transcript into the description of the video, use it for captions and subtitles or even include it as a downloadable document.
  3. Accommodate more users with closed captioning and subtitles
    Availing transcripts for your videos and offering closed captioning or subtitles enables the hard of hearing and deaf community to enjoy and benefit from your content. In fact, everyone can also benefit from this feature. Transcripts allow users in places with structural hearing challenges like gyms and sound-sensitive places like libraries to access your content. It has been proven that closed captioning improves the comprehension of viewers, especially when the dialogue is spoken quickly or when the speaker in the video has an accent.
  4. Introduce transcripts as learning tools
    Teachers are often seen using multisensory teaching methods to increase learning by engaging students on multiple levels. While some students are auditory learners, there are other students who will respond better to visually. For many, combing the two methods is an effective option, because it enables the brain to understand the material with the aid of more than one medium. When lectures are transcribed, students can use them as supplemental guides and refer back to specific points. Transcripts have been proven to be extremely useful for students who learn English as a second language, because it enables them visually see the words and get familiar with new terminology.
  5. Broaden your reach
    Through the Internet, everyone is given the opportunity to access videos posted around the globe and even connect with other people who speak a different language. YouTube for instance has been localized for 75 countries and is made available in over 61 languages. By translating your video transcripts into the language of your target region, you can broaden your reach. Transcription is a great way to expand your audience and even increase your multicultural appeal.

Now that you know the benefits of transcribing your videos, why don’t you start transcribing your You Tube videos, company meetings, podcasts, marketing materials, commercials, interviews, advertisements, presentations etc. You can be assured of high-quality transcripts when you outsource transcription services to Outsource2india. As your transcription service provider, you can be assured of error-free transcripts always delivered on time as we work on a 24/7 basis. While you start to work on your next video, make sure to invest on video transcription services, as a transcript is a great tool to reach a larger audience, catch their attention and maximize your business.

Did you like reading this post? What are some of the creative ways that you use transcripts for? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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