5 Mundane Business Tasks a Remote Assistant Can Help You With

Do you find yourself spending all your time on answering calls, developing presentations, sending business e-mails or scheduling appointments? Are such non-core, yet time-intensive business chores leaving you with no time to focus on the core activities of your company? If your answer is a “yes”, then what you need is a dedicated personal assistant.

Gone are the days when a personal assistant was expected to work from your office. Now, with outsourcing, you can easily hire a remote executive, who will work remotely for you from his/her location. With a committed remote executive always available to carry out your instructions, you will finally be able to reduce operational costs, free-up internal resources and proactively use your time.

A remote assistant from India will be able to efficiently handle any of the following business tasks at a low cost and within a quick turnaround time.

1. Plan your business travel with ease:  A remote executive can book your flight tickets and also confirm your hotel reservations for your business trips. With such details taken care of by your remote assistant, you can travel with ease and focus on clinching the best deals for your company.

2. Keep up with your appointments: Have you found yourself in a tight spot when you have scheduled too many appointments that you can’t keep? With a remote assistant scheduling your appointments for you, you will not have to face such a scenario again. Your remote assistant will check your calendar and then schedule your daily/weekly appointments, so that your work hours never overlap with your appointments.

3. Get your data organized: If your data is cluttered, inaccurate or unorganized, you cannot make the best decisions for your business. A remote executive can get all your data organized by entering and maintaining a database of the contact details of your partners, customers, stakeholders and vendors. With everyone’s telephone number, email address or website details in one central location, you will be able to quickly get in touch with the right person.

4. Answer all your calls: Answering calls can take up a lot of time, leaving you with no time for core business activities. This is where a remote assistant can help you. Your remote executive will personally answer all your calls with your company’s welcome message in a calm voice. The remote assistant will then interact with the caller and take down the caller’s message for you.

5. Quickly create presentations or spreadsheets: Managing a growing business and following a hectic schedule can leave you with no time for creating PPT slides or excel spreadsheets. A remote executive can help you come up with accurate excel spreadsheets or creative PPT slides within a few hours. This way, you can quickly share and talk about your PPT slides /spreadsheets at the next meeting, without actually having to waste time preparing it.

A remote executive can also help you scan business cards, plan events, research the internet, manage your correspondence and help you with desktop publishing.

Do you like the idea of hiring a remote executive who can help you with boring business tasks? What are some of other activities (that are not on this list) that you would like a remote assistant to do for you? We would love to hear from you! So please do leave us your comments in the box below.

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