5 Must-Have Features in an Enterprise Mobile App

Are you developing an enterprise mobile app? Here are some must-have features that will make your business app a hit with your employees.

Do you wish to streamline the daily processes of your employees and make your organization more efficient at the same time? If yes, then what you need is a business mobile application that transforms your complicated in-house procedures into a user friendly mobile format.  With such a mobile app, your employees can access company information on the go, minus any hassles.

To start off, it is critical to identify the most important needs of your employees, before jumping into the development and design of an enterprise mobile app. To help you understand what mobile features may be best for your business app, we have listed down five of the most popular features in a business app that are commonly requested by most employees.

1. Efficient file sharing and syncing

An enterprise app should be able to give your employees quick access to company information or files on the go.  An editing and sharing features would also be a great add-on. Files can be made to sync with other devices, once a file is edited. For example, if one employee updates a particular file, the update should reflect in all the in-house files and across the devices used by other employees.

2. Useful collaboration tools

Do your employees utilize tools to collaborate among themselves? Maybe something like a program that shares access to files or a virtual chat tool? If yes, such handy collaboration tools can be made available in the enterprise mobile application. This way, even your on-the-go employees can stay in tune with what is happening at your company.

3. Quick access to calendars, email and contacts

Email is the something that every employee counts on, be it to keep in touch with clients or team members. This is why access to email is a must-have requisite of an enterprise app. Ensuring that contact information can also be accessed along with calendar events is a great time-saver for your busy employees.

4. On-the-go web conferencing

Your employees would appreciate access to online workshops, webinars or web conferences while they are travelling. With this useful web conferencing feature, an employee can receive project critical information in real-time. You too can be sure that no training events, presentations or meetings have gone unseen by your team.

5. Highly secure browser

It is important that you equip your mobile app with a secure browser that can be used for internet searches.  This is especially important if your employees use BYOD to access client and customer information.  Since company information will be accessed, it is important to make sure that your enterprise mobile app is protected from common BYOD risks like unsecure Wi-Fi, malware or outside attacks.

Do you require any of the above features for your business mobile app? Are you interested to learn more about efficient mobile app features that will help in streamlining your processes? If yes, read more about our mobile app development services and get the advantage of a feature-rich enterprise mobile app.

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