5 New LPO Functions That Your Law Firm Can Outsource!

Did you know that Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one of the biggest and most active areas for outsourcing in today’s business market? From large legal firms to small legal departments in corporations, almost everyone is outsourcing. LPO comprises of all the things that lawyers have to do on a regular basis. The amount of non-legal work that can pile up is huge! This can eat up time and effort that can otherwise be spent on representing clients in the court, providing legal opinions and approving the final legal drafts of contracts to name a few.

If your law firm has not yet started outsourcing, then it’s time to give LPO a rethink. Today, LPO is no longer only about legal drafting, law office management, litigation support or legal document management.  Here are five new LPO functions that your law firm can outsource:

1. Legal writing: Law is all about documents and this includes millions of briefs, pleadings and memorandum. Legal writing involves a lot of work, as the documents not only need to be created, but also have to be mailed, filed and emailed into document management systems.

2. Legal summaries:  The need for well-written legal summaries of documents like depositions is another area that is getting popular in the legal scene.  Creating a good summary, takes time and effort that can be otherwise spent on core legal functions.

3. Legal research:  Law corporations and legal firms are always in the need for all sorts of research. Whether it is locating names/addresses, finding resourceful articles, researching real estate titles or looking up old cases, the list is endless.  However, if legal research is outsourced, law firms can sit back and channel their energy into critical legal cases.

4. Ediscovery: The process of identifying, collating, reading and categorizing documents related to a law suit is known as Ediscovery.  With the rise in the number of cases and the number of related documents, legal firms have been looking at outsourcing, as a more cost-effective alternative.  India and the Philippines have been the most popular outsourcing locations for Ediscovery work.

5. Scheduling:  With more legal cases and numerous client meetings, internal meetings and meetings with court offices, scheduling is an area that can be easily outsourced. An LPO service provider can ensure that the calendars of your firm’s team members never clash.

Leverage the benefits of LPO

Investing in LPO can provide your firm with huge cost savings and greater flexibility/scalability. Working with an offshore provider can give your corporate legal department greater efficiency, with the time difference extending your working hours. While your LPO provider handles your routine work, your lawyers can focus on high-value legal activities and boost your legal firm’s productivity and overall margin.

LPO can also help your corporate legal department or law firm improve processes, increase value in your day-to-day activities, maximize efficiency and improve the quality of your legal work.  Does your law firm want to create a smart legal organization and do more with less? If yes, then outsource legal services right away!

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