5 Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for In 2013

Today’s business environment is constantly changing and these changes can have an impact on your organization’s decisions during the next 12 months of 2013. Keeping yourself informed about the upcoming business trends in 2013 can help you make wiser business decisions. Here are five expected trends that the outsourcing industry is likely to face in 2013:

1. Social media connections will be more relevant

Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are fast becoming the preferred platform for customers to post feedback or raise complaints. Businesses now receive a large number of comments and requests from such sites. Though customers still use the phone and email to communicate, social media communication is on a steady rise. Apart from concentrating only on sales, companies now want to build large social communities of customers. 2013 will definitely see a rise in the outsourcing of social media interactions to offshore contact centers that have an ample supply of tech-savvy social media experts.

2. India and China will become less attractive for outsourcing

Recent surveys have estimated that there will be a salary increase of 10.7% in India and 8.8% in China. The constant rise in salary may make these countries less attractive for outsourcing in 2013. Outsourcers have been warned to be very cautious while choosing very small service providers from these countries. Small business vendors have more chance of closing their business in challenging situations.

3. The European Union will reduce their outsourcing

The recent economic recession has had a strong impact on several countries within the European Union (EU). The unemployment rate has increased within the EU, reaching an average of 10.6% in the Eurozone alone. In the 2013, the EU may take try to keep their jobs and minimize offshoring drastically.

4. Increase in data security

In the recent years, there has been a rise in the number of devices that are connected to IP networks. With more and more devices being connected to cloud environments, internal networks have become more susceptible to information theft and virtual attacks. In 2013, outsourcing service providers will have to make a marked improvement in their protocols and data security standards. Companies keen on outsourcing will require reliable firewalls that are compliant with PCI security standards to aid in easy credit card handling. Enhanced data security will be a key factor that companies will look out for in 2013.

5. A shift from cost savings to value generation

Businesses will no longer want only cost savings from an outsourcing relationship. 2013 will be the year of “value generation”, where good customer support will reign over cost savings. Companies will now look for services that provide their customers with an enhanced customer experience and more value-added services.
As an outsourcer to India or China in 2013, what would be the one thing that you will want from your outsourcing relationship?

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