5 Paybacks That Only Come with Outsourcing Medical Billing

Medical billing outsourcing is no longer just good business sense, but a matter of survival. Find out about the five paybacks that only come with outsourcing billing services.

Deciding whether to outsource medical billing can be a hard decision. However, with the steady increase in the complexity of medical billing and with the requirement of specialized skill sets, outsourcing has become an absolute must. Outsourcing is a great way out from increased regulations, carrier red tape and minimized carrier allowances. Outsourcing medical billing is no longer just good business sense, but a matter of survival.

  1. Keep up with the changing industry

    In the recent past, the healthcare industry has been changing at an unparalleled rate, not sparing medical billing. Even under the best of circumstances, keeping up with constantly changing requirements and rules can be difficult. There are new and deleted CPT codes that come out every year, while carrier rules and fee changes seem to change daily. Keeping up with these changes requires constant vigilance and education. Outsourcing can help, when you just don’t have the time to focus on such changes.

  2. Get faster reimbursements

    Do you know what your average Medicare cycle time is? You can cut this in half by outsourcing. More days in your revenue cycle time can have a momentous impact on your bottom line. With outsourcing, you can submit claims quickly with fewer errors, so that you receive payments from payers within the shortest amount of time. Denials can be detected upfront, since there will be fewer errors while payment posting. You can also be assured that claims are transmitted electronically to all the possible carriers and are set up to receive ERAs, thereby minimizing your turnaround time. Achieving the highest reimbursement within the shortest amount of time comes only with outsourcing.

  3. Tap into the skills of highly trained specialists

    Your outsourced medical billing team will only have one purpose and that is to increase the profitability of your healthcare practice. All payments will be accurately reviewed and posted to prevent incorrect adjustments and to ensure that carriers pay you the right amount. Each claim will be tracked until it is processed and paid to its fullest. This team will have your goals in mind and will work closely with your staff to develop an efficient overall workflow and provide training, if needed. Gaining access to the combined knowledge of billing experts is yet another benefit of outsourcing.

  4. Gain more control

    Outsourcing medical billing need not mean giving up control to someone else. In fact, outsourcing can make your practice feel more in control. With someone else taking care of the time consuming work and dealing with your headaches, you will have more time to review monthly reports and improve the overall efficiency of your practice. Your outsourced team will keep you on track with monthly/annual comparisons and early identifications of payer reimbursement and charge entry errors. Complete transparency and the capability to run reports 24/7 will give you a sense of control like never before.

  5. Enjoy economies of scale

    Your outsourced medical billing provider will distribute their expenses across their entire client base, thereby offering an economy of scale. The service provider can operate at a lower cost than a single practice. These savings will be passed on to you. A medical billing service provider can afford to recruit the best staff, so your hospital can pay less for the same services. Additionally, you can leverage higher returns and lower costs, without having to pay for staff, insurance, hardware or overheads. You will also get to save in terms of time, office space and stress.

Now, these are just some of the paybacks of outsourcing medical billing services to a specialist. Once you start outsourcing, you can start to leverage many more benefits. Start outsourcing today by partnering with Outsource2india for expert Medical Billing Services.

Would you consider outsourcing medical billing? If not, why?

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