5 Reasons to get your Website Translated

Is your business website only in English? Its time to invest in website translation services and reach out to a larger audience in their native language. Here are five reasons to get your business website translated.

You can compare your business website to the window display of a shop. What prospective customers see through the window will have an integral role to play in the development and success of your business. Breaking language barriers between you and your customers will increase the possibility of taking your business to the international level. Getting the content in your website translated is the first step in gaining customers from other countries. A recent research has shown that in order to reach 87% of Internet users, you would need a minimum of 10 languages. Just imagine how much your business can gain by translating your business website into just 3 or 2 languages.

Still thinking if you need to invest in website translation? Here are five reasons why website translation should be a top priority for your business.

  1. Easily target a large audience
    If you are trying to expand your business, one of the first things you will need is website translation. In our globalized economy, website translation has become an essential. If you plan on targeting an international audience, you will need to translate your website into the language of your target audience. Although, translation would cost your organization some revenue, the long-term benefits of translation are worth it. Just like all investments, translation may require some revenue to start with, but will pay off in the long run.
  2. Gain the trust and loyalty of client
    Recent research has proven the essential need for incorporating multilingualism into e-commerce. When clients are able to read a website in their language, they will be able to quickly understand its content. This will reassure them, which in turn would lead to the conversion of the customer. By taking the effort to reach out to clients in their native language, your enterprise is likely to gain their trust and loyalty.
  3. Expand your SEO strategy
    As you would already be knowing, it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that brings visitors to your website. As part of your SEO plans, you might already be having a keyword strategy along with Meta descriptions and Meta titles that are customized for each page. Such aspects are taken into consideration when Google decides to rank you in their search engine results. A professional translator helps you to increase your search result rankings by translating your keywords and content. This will multiply your chance of being ranked in Google’s top search results.
  4. Get higher customer conversion rates
    A customer would not buy your products/services if they are not able to understand what you are selling or what benefits you are offering. Even though you may find internet users visiting websites in languages other than their own, very few of them would actually make a purchase if the website is not in their native language. As per a recent study by the European commission, over 43% of Europeans will only buy goods or services if the website is in their native language. This is why translating your website will help you rapidly improve your customer conversion rates.
  5. Reach out to new markets
    According to a recent study, English was the language used by only 54% of websites. The study further revealed that only 5% of the world’s population speaks English as their native language. If you wish to expand into new markets or gain new customers, it is best to make your website available to your customers in additional languages, apart from English. Among the top 10 languages popularly used on the Internet in 2019, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German have been the most popular, amounting to a total of 567 million people.

Are you ready to make your business grow? If yes, then now is the time to get your website translated. You name the language and the market you want to target and we will provide you with professional translators in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German or Italian. Our skilled native-speaking translators will not only accurately translate your content but can also understand linguistic and cultural nuances. Our translations services are fast, quick, affordable and error-free. Why not avail our website translation services right away. Find out more about outsourcing website translation services today.

Did you like reading this post? Did you find the information useful? Would you like to get your business website translated? If not, why? Let us know your queries about outsourcing website translation services by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india would love to hear from you!

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