5 Reasons to Outsource Logistics Services

From enhanced accuracy, to cost reduction and faster processing, outsourcing logistics services is the best decision your business can make.

When it comes to logistics, everyone knows how tough it gets. If transporting goods across the country is difficult, keeping a tab on complicated paperwork can be even more challenging. Whether it is issuing load statements to freight billing or auditing, logistic back-office work can be very taxing. This is where logistics outsourcing services can help.

Outsourcing logistics paperwork like the bill of lading or freight bills processing can put a stop to delays and inaccuracies, while helping you leverage scalable solutions for all your essential services. Glitches, delays and errors in processing shipping documents can cost logistics companies big in terms of both revenue and time. Taking the services of an experienced outsourcing services provider can help you steer clear of losses and leverage streamlined services for quicker processing and better efficiency. Here are five reasons to start outsourcing logistics services right away.

  1. Enhanced accuracy and better visibility
    Is your in-house team already over-burdened and left with no time for data entry? Or maybe the work pressure, along with the lack of adequate training has left you with poor quality data. At times, with other critical tasks coming in, your resources may push data entry to another time, leading to delays. Outsourcing is the answer to all of these problems. With outsourcing, you can see a drastic improvement in the accuracy of your operations, which will help you make smart data-driven business decisions. Not only will your outsourcing partner carefully record and segregate your data with accuracy and speed, but will also reduce your operating costs by 30-40%.
  2. Error-free entries and processing of bill of lading
    Bill of lading is an important document that will define the agreement between the carrier, supplier and the receiver of the goods. This is why the bill of lading has to be recorded, entered and processed with precision. A skilled outsourcing provider can accurately extract and enter the data. Then the provider will convert it into a standard template, so that you can share the final template with the customer before the shipment arrives at the destination.
  3. Efficient document conversion and processing
    Logistics companies have to deal with a huge pile of paperwork, be it permits, freight bills, load confirmation statements, shipping documents and freight bills. Processing all of these documents is cumbersome and time consuming. Outsourcing document processing can assure you of better management and faster processing, both of which will help you reduce your turnaround time. An outsourcing partner can help you process all your documents, be it paper or digital with machine learning, advanced automation and OCR technology. All of your bill of lading, freight bills and other such shipping documents will be directly entered into databases to ensure the fastest turnaround time.
  4. Effective freight bill processing
    Outsourcing providers can also help you with freight bill processing. Through outsourcing you can eliminate errors like bill amounts, double billing, overdue invoices, incorrect pricing, wrong freight rates etc. Outsourcing service providers can process your freight bills faster and with better efficiency. You can also benefit from faster turnaround time, shorter payment cycles and reduction in cost.
  5. Improvements in customer service
    With your data entry and document processing streamlined, your customer services can be improved to a vast extent. Errors will be eliminated, duplicate bills will be eradicated and paperwork will be accurately processed and shared. All of your documents will be uploaded onto your database, so that you will have easy access and better sharing. With outsourcing, you will be sure to see drastic improvements in customer service.

Are you ready to start outsourcing? At Outsource2india, we are a one-stop shop for all logistics related services. You can be assured of accurate data entry and document processing and witness a quick turnaround time for invoices, load orders, statements and receipts. You can expect speed and accuracy in the completion of all your processes. Make a decision to outsource today and tap into the Outsource2india advantage of 40% cost reduction, 99% accuracy, extensive industry know-how and round-clock support. Find out more about outsourcing logistics services.

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