5 Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text

Audio transcription is an effective way to repurpose your content, engage your audience and even enable your readers to get more social. Read about the five reasons why you must consider transcribing audio to text.

Did you know that a simple way to do more with your time is to take advantage of audio transcription? If you have been recording audio for any reason, be it for a sales call, webinar, a team meeting or a customer meeting, its time to consider transcribing audio to text.

Audio is a great form of communication, but transcripts can help you reinforce it. In the past few years, the amount of recorded content has only increased. However, there are several customers out there who will prefer to read, rather than listen. While at work, while rocking a baby to sleep, when there are no headphones or even when there is not a strong Wi-Fi connection, you would find customers reading.

Audio transcription can help you reach more customers, make your audio searchable, help you repurpose your content and increase the number of shares among your customers. If you have only been creating audio content, you may be missing out on a big potential audience.

Here are five reasons why you must consider audio transcription.

  1. Transcribe audio to increase accessibility
    Apart from the people who like to read, rather than listen, there are over 35 million people with hearing disabilities in the United States alone. This statistics shows that there is a large chunk of the population that depends heavily on transcripts to understand the content that you create. To reach out to a bigger audience, audio transcription is something that you need. Including transcription in your post-production will go a long way in reaching out to more consumers.
  2. Transcribe audio to increase SEO and discoverability
    Transcription can help more people discover your content through organized search. When your audio is transcribed, Google bots can read the transcripts and understand the contents. If your content is not transcribed, it is not possible for Google to crawl the contents of radio segments, podcasts, webinars or recorded interviews. To have your recording appear in a search, you will have to transcribe your audio into text. This will help audiences to find your content. If you want to rank high in search engines and want your content to be easily searchable, audio transcription is your best bet.
  3. Transcribe audio to repurpose content
    Audio transcription is a good way to increase your content production efforts. You can repurpose your recorded content, simply by transcribing it and changing it into something new. For instance your webinar, or talk at a conference or training session can be transformed into a blog post, inforgraphic, email campaign, guide or as an article. With transcribed content, your listeners can quote your content as a tweet or as a post on Facebook. Offering transcribed content to your customers enables them to get more social. This will only increase the popularity of your business.
  4. Transcribe audio to increase shares
    As more and more people find your content, there is a good chance that more people will also share it. However it is very unlikely for your customers to transcribe your insights from your recordings and share it. There is also a good chance that they can misquote you. By backing up your audio with proper transcripts, you can be sure of your audience sharing the correct information.
  5. Transcribe audio to engage your audience
    While publishing your content online, it is important to keep the needs of your audience in mind. Offering your audience with content in a way that they prefer to enjoy it can help you create a bond with them. By offering more than one way of consuming your content, your audience can either read your content on a desk or listen to it on their morning run.

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Did you like reading this post? Did you find the information useful? What are your thoughts about audio transcription? Let us know your queries or concerns by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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