5 Reasons Why Your Insurance Company Should Outsource Data Entry

Data entry outsourcing can take the tedious activity of data entry out of your hands and give you more time to focus on your insurance business.

Data entry is one of the most important tasks in most industries, especially insurance. If you own an insurance company, then you must be dealing with big volumes of data on a daily basis. As you would know, data entry is a must to run your business efficiently and keep your clients satisfied. Without adequate data entry, your insurance company would find it difficult to verify values on time or make positive business decisions.

The information mentioned on your papers has to be properly maintained in the database so that claims and verification becomes smooth. Data entry has to carefully done, as any minor mistake can lead to huge problems with verification or claims.

Most insurance companies do not have access to skilled data entry professionals. Data entry, not being one of your core skills, would require a trained team of in-house resources. Hiring and investing in such a team, would drain you of time, energy and cost, thereby shifting your focus from your core business. The way out of this problem is to outsource. Data entry outsourcing can take this tedious and time-consuming activity of data entry out of your hands.

When you hire a team of in-house resources there is always a risk of errors. Outsourcing can put you in touch with experts who can assure you of accuracy. Outsourcing data entry is great for insurance companies as you can save on cost, valuable time and effort. Here are some reasons why your insurance company should consider outsourcing data entry.

  1. Accuracy
    Outsourcing insurance data entry services to a reliable outsourcing company can assure you of a high level of accuracy in data entry. Outsourcing service providers can offer you with 100% accuracy because they have skilled resources and years of experience in handling data entry for insurance companies. To ensure optimum accuracy in data entry, outsourcing services providers use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) methodologies in combination with manual audits. Insurance data entry work is often audited twice or even thrice to check for accuracy. This level of accuracy is difficult to obtain with an in-house team of data entry resources.
  2. Fast TAT
    An outsourcing data entry provider can help you handle large volumes of insurance data entry work quickly, with a team of data entry experts. Outsourcing companies also work on a 24/7 basis often allocating data entry experts in multiple shifts. This way, your insurance company can get quick completion of data entry, even if you have a very short deadline.
  3. Large volume of work
    When you outsource data entry work to an outsourcing service provider, you can get a high volume of data entry completed on time. Even within a short duration, data entry service providers can complete the given work with a high level of accuracy. This is because it is their core area of expertise and they have a sufficient number of employees to work on data entry.
  4. Cost benefits
    Outsourcing data entry work can help you save big on the cost of infrastructure, software and technology. Your company will be able to invest back the revenue in the development of your business or your core functions. The cost that you would be paying to the outsourcing provider would be much more economical than trying to set up in-house team of data entry professionals.
  5. Assured security
    When you outsource data entry, the service provider would sign a confidentiality contract with you. This will assure you of the complete security of your data. You need not have any worries about the privacy, security or confidentiality of your data, as it will be protected with NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

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