5 Reasons Your Hospital Should Start Outsourcing Teleradiology

From tapping into the skills of expert radiologists to peer-reviewed reports, affordable pricing and end-to-end support, here are a few reasons why outsourcing teleradiology is an excellent choice for your hospital.

The field of healthcare and medicine is constantly innovating to bring about changes that can offer better healthcare services, while reducing cost at the same time. One such medical field is radiology, where hospitals are looking at the option of outsourcing. Is teleradiology a viable option? Can remote radiology services help your healthcare facility offer quicker and better services?

Let’s look for the answers by understanding the reasons why your hospital should outsource teleradiology services.

  1. Access to radiologists with varied sub-specialty expertise
    When you outsource teleradiology, you will be put in touch with fellowship-trained radiologists with expertise in diverse subspecialty. Whether it is oncologic, neurology, body imaging, PET, CT or MSK, you can avail teleradiology services. Through outsourcing, you will have access to board-certified radiologists who will be just a call away for results, concerns or additional findings. Also, you will receive all your readings within a short turnaround time, ensuring that your medical staff and patients are always receiving fast results.
  2. Assurance of peer-reviewed reports
    When you outsource teleradiology, you can be assured about quality as each report will be peer reviewed to ensure quality. Peer reviewing interpretations help with maintaining the ACR accreditation of most hospitals.
  3. Cost-effective pricing to fit your budget
    Working with a remote teleradiology team can help you obtain a cost-effective alternative to hiring an internal team of radiologists to work within your practice. While hiring radiologists can be an expensive affair, solo radiologists may not be able to offer subspecialty expertise. Outsourcing can remove such problems and put you in touch with an ideal team of teleradiologists that will fit your budget.
  4. Customized services for varied medical operations
    Outsourcing radiology is not only for hospitals. A range of companies within the healthcare field can utilize them. Whether you own an urgent care facility, imaging practice, private practice, diagnostic testing facility or physician group, you can avail custom-fit teleradiology services.
  5. End-to-end support
    When you choose to outsource radiology services, you will get the benefit of complete support. Right from administrative support, IT support, customer support, software support and notification, you can be assured of end-to-end services. The bonus of outsourcing is that you can get access to such support all through the year on a 24/7 basis.

Are you ready to get started with outsourcing teleradiology? We, at Outsource2india can help you get started. We have a team of certified radiologists who are experts in their own fields and can offer your hospital with detailed readings within a quick TAT of 10 hours. We offer a host of teleradiology services that can be customized to suit the requirements of your hospital. Why not get started right away by finding out more about outsourcing teleradiology services.

Did you like reading this post? Would your hospital consider outsourcing teleradiology? If no, why? Let us know your concerns and queries about outsourcing by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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