5 Tips for Editing YouTube Videos

Increase the number of viewers for your corporate videos, by investing in YouTube video editing services. Read about five handy YouTube videos editing tips.

Today, YouTube is no longer a simple video hosting site, but a mega-corporation that provides entertainers and organizations of all categories the opportunity to create content. If your enterprise wants to jump onto the YouTube bandwagon, there are a few video-editing skills that you should be aware about.

To make your YouTube video engaging for viewers/customers, your video should have a balanced mixture of content and quality. While your enterprise does not need to invest thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you would need to simply understand the basics of film recording and editing. This knowledge will give your viewers an engaging and visually appealing viewing experience.

  1. Classify and trim your videos in clips
    While you may feel it is easier to sit down and make the entire video in one go, it can also make the procedure difficult and may also ruin the entire video if you slip up on your speech or if you are interrupted. Shooting smaller video clips on the other hand can be easily edited and merged into one well-formatted YouTube video. With YouTube editing, the beginning and ending of your clips can be trimmed, giving you freedom to readjust the settings/ camera or make changes to the script or work space, without having to restart the video right from the top.
  2. Easily export to YouTube
    With YouTube video editing services, you can merge and trim videos, in addition to adding transitions, effects or overlays. A file has be less than 20 GB to be uploaded to YouTube. MPEG4 (.mp4), MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GPP, MPEGPS and FLV are some of the formats accepted by YouTube. YouTube editing can ensure that your videos are aptly edited, exported and published. With editing services, the quality of your video can be greatly improved and the extra effort will definitely bring in more customers.
  3. Include transitions and effects
    If your YouTube video has multiple parts, using effects and transitions can make a huge difference on the overall quality of your video. Using a transitioning effect between various topics of discussion shows your professionalism and thought. When you opt for video editing services, you can easily avail transitions for your videos.
  4. Vary your shots
    Try not to keep the camera fixed during the entire duration of the video. Try to include various angles while shooting the video. Though this may not be applicable to every type of video, remember that customers have to feel engaged while watching a video, if you want them to finish the video and more importantly to come back to your page for more videos. Unless you have something very important to say, talking for 10 minutes straight at the camera may not be the best thing to do.
  5. Make use of annotations
    YouTube has an annotation feature that allows you to link to a website or another video without stopping the playback. With YouTube video editing services, you can choose when this appears, how long it lasts and whether to caption it or not. Placing a link to your business website or your social media profile while you talk about it offers an easy and quick way for your viewers to click it and follow your business on other sites as well.

At Outsource2india, we can help you with YouTube video editing. Right from basic video editing, to audio integration, video stabilization, subtitling or adding effects and transitions we are a one-stop shop for any type of editing that you may require. Our team of experts can also help with keyword research, category selection, adding video elements, creating thumbnails, adding video tags and evaluation of insights. Our services are fast, reliable and error-free. Find out how our YouTube video editing services can help you increase your viewership and give you a competitive edge.

Did you like reading this post? What do you think is the most important thing that requires editing in a YouTube video? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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