5 Tips When Outsourcing Embedded Software Development

Outsourcing embedded software development is not only cost-effective, but can also improve the overall quality of your software and increase the time-to-market. Here are five tips to help you when you decide to outsource embedded software development.

Today, almost every modern device comes with an embedded software system. In fact, the Embedded Software Market is said to reach 18.62 billion by the year of 2023. More companies are choosing embedded software because of their improved quality, increase in functionality and reusability. However, the cost of embedded software development is on the rise, due the complexity in developing it. Outsourcing embedded software development can help you cut down on cost, while improving time-to-market and overall quality. Here are five tips for outsourcing embedded software development.

  1. Examine the expertise and experience of your outsourcing provider

    The partner you choose should have experience in using different embedded platforms and operating systems. The outsourcing provider should be able to cover every aspect of embedded software development, like big data and real-time signal processing. Opt for a partner who has expertise in multiple domains and industries, so that they can offer you with a rich array of embedded software solutions, like firmware development, SDK development and maintenance, technical support and third-party technologies to name a few.

  2. Evaluate the technical skills of the team

    The technical skills required for embedded software development will vary based on the type and complexity of your project. However, there are some skills that are an absolute must. Experience in operating systems like Embedded Linux and RTOS, advanced knowledge of C and C ++, ability to work with data structures, algorithms, hardware design language and control systems are necessary for embedded software development. Your project may also require the knowledge of JTAG, Eclipse or Python. The software development team should also be able to work with the different architectures of embedded systems. The team you choose should possess the above skills, along with the technological expertise to implement your assignment.

  3. Check if the team has a good understanding of hardware requirements and capabilities

    The outsourcing team you choose should be able to exploit the possibilities of hardware to give your end-user maximum benefits. This is why the team must understand the hardware they work with. Your embedded outsourcing partner should be able to correctly optimize a target system, offer the ideal configuration of form factors, storage, memory and CPU. The outsourcing partner should not only recommend the right embedded computing solution for you, but also offer you with the right embedded computing solution, that uses the latest processor technologies to deliver innovative solutions for your project. Look for an outsourced team of firmware engineers who have in-depth background knowledge in software and hardware.

  4. Use agile development strategies for maximizing project efficiency

    Ask if the outsourced team uses Agile best practices to speed up the product development lifecycle, thereby helping you overcome constraints like poor quality, late delivery, unpredictable schedules or long development cycles. Check if the outsourced embedded software team can provide you with an efficient agile based operating model that showcases how they are implementing Agile practices on projects. Insisting on Agile practices for your outsourced embedded software development project can bring in benefits like early customer engagement, early program risk visibility and continuous testing.

  5. Ask for flexibility

    Engaging the services of developers who are flexible and can quickly adapt to changes is a good business move. During embedded software development, you may require engineers to possess different skills depending on the hardware characteristics of your project. Signing up for a team of developers who can quickly do a concept-proof prototype in a language they have never used before or a team who can fix a bug in a legacy project quickly can help in developing quality firmware.

Outsourcing embedded software development can bring in competitive advantages to your business. The most important part is to find a provider who has the required capabilities to gather a team of skilled firmware developers. Through outsourcing, you can get access to better specialists, a predictable bottom-line and improved project scalability. At Outsource2india, we promise you all of this and more. Find out more about our embedded software development services.

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