6 Advantages of Getting Your Video Captioned

Adding captions to your videos is a great way to increase SEO and views, while improving the understanding of your users and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Why transcribe your business videos or add captions to it? Is this question on your mind? If yes, here are 6 advantages of getting your video transcribed and captioned. As opposed to popular belief, transcription and captioning are not just for that who are hard of hearing/deaf but has plenty of benefits for your business enterprise as well as your viewers. Here are six advantages of getting your video captioned.

  1. Improved understanding
    Captions and video transcription can be very helpful in terms of online learning. A recent university study has reported that over 52% of students found captions helpful in aiding their comprehension. When a person is able to read it and hear it at the same time, it helps them to remember the content better. Inserting captions in a learning video can add a lot of additional value. Captions can also be extremely useful for someone whose native language is not English. As they watch the video and read the content at the same time, they will be able to comprehend the information.
  2. Easy viewing in sound-sensitive environments
    When a video is equipped with captions, it gives the viewer the freedom to watch videos in places where audio is unavailable. For instance, if someone is travelling on a noisy train or at a crowded restaurant, the captions in the video will help to convey the speech, as the sound in the video will be obscured. With captions, viewers can also enjoy videos on mute in quiet settings like the office, library or subway. In fact, auto playing videos on silent have become a common practice among social media platforms. A recent research revealed that 85% of Facebook videos were streamed without sound. This goes to prove that if your video does not have captions, your viewers will not be able understand the content.
  3. Increase in SEO and views
    It has been proven that adding transcripts can boost your SEO. Although search engines cannot watch videos, adding transcripts allows search engines to crawl the text of the audio/video, so that it can be indexed. Not only will the search results increase, but also there would be an increase in inbound links, which can be directly attributed to your transcribed videos. A recent research study showed that captioned YouTube videos have more views in the first two weeks and consistent lifetime views when compared with videos that had no captions. The reason was that transcripts could be optimized for specific keywords.
  4. Video search options
    Adding captions to your videos make it more searchable. Not only will search engines be able to crawl the content and get more traffic to your website, but viewers on your website will be able to quickly find the videos that they are looking for. If you use interactive transcripts for your posts, users will be able to search for keywords within the transcript and find the areas where a specific keyword appears. The user will be able to jump to a particular segment in the video by clicking on the word. Proving such a seamless user experience can not only increase user experience but also increase the overall customer satisfaction level of your customers.
  5. Effortless development of derivative content
    You may find your in-house team of content creators and market researchers using recorded video/audio to develop reels, clips or montages. However searching for content without the help of transcripts can be challenging. When transcripts are present, they can be scanned and searched for key topics or phrases. Quotes can be directly copy pasted and used as testimonials. Transcripts can also be easily used as an outline for a business report or as a study guide for students to benefit from.
  6. Quick translation into foreign languages
    A transcribed video is the first step towards developing subtitles in a foreign language. Around 80% of YouTube views come from outside the US and eight out of the top ten countries with the most YouTube users are from non-English speaking nations. This is why video translation is in very high demand. Apart from making your content reach a wider audience, your captioned videos can be quickly translated into the foreign languages of your target audience.

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